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24 Reasons You Need To Start Watching The O.C. Now

Because this 10 year anniversary makes me feel old.

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24. The DVD Player is getting dusty

So that strongly worded letter to Netflix demanding (begging?) that The O.C. be added to Instant TV shows was not taken sincerely. Take a break with your Netflix relationship and get back in the game with some trusty DVDs.

17. Because Rachel Bilson is cute, and funny.

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In 2013, Rachel relives the glory days. She knows what's up. Shouldn't you?

"Chino? Ew."

6. This soundtrack is cotton candy for your ears

Like, I know your first concert was Phantom Planet opening for Maroon 5 circa 2005.The O.C. made "Indie" a thing before it was cool. Also, you will never listen to Wonderwall the same way again. And if Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah doesn't bring you to tears, it will now.

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