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    17 Soul-Warming Bowls Of Noodles In London

    Absolutely pho-bulous.

    1. Beef noodle soup from Mama Lan, Brixton

    2. Khao soi gai at Janetira, Soho

    3. Lobster noodles at Mandarin Kitchen, Bayswater

    4. Udon at Koya, Soho

    5. Laksa at C&R Cafe, Soho

    6. Chashu ramen at Kanada-Ya, Covent Garden

    7. Pho tai nam at Mien Tay, Battersea

    8. Lamb noodle soup at Chang's Noodle, Holborn

    9. Bun bo Hue at Cafe East, Surrey Quays

    10. Rappoki at Seoul Bakery, Holborn

    11. Medium plate chicken at Silk Road, Camberwell

    12. Kuay Tiew Tom Yum at Kaosarn, Clapham

    13. Curry ramen at Shoryu, Carnaby

    14. Wonton noodle soup at Wong Kei, Chinatown

    15. Sour and spicy la mian at La-Mian & Dim Sum, Greenwich Market

    16. Beef noodle soup at Song Que, Haggerston

    17. Kimchee ramen at Bone Daddies, Soho

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