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    The 19 Worst Stages Of Having A Hardcore Crush

    I love them so much I just want to slap their face off.

    1. So that horrible butterflies-throwing-a-rave-in-your-stomach feeling kind of just comes at you out of nowhere.


    Oh dear god. Not this foolishness again.

    2. But you tell yourself to be cool. "It's not a crush," you tell yourself whilst attempting to ignore the quivering of your voice.

    Fox / Via

    3. In fact, you're so cool with it that you can even stalk them on every form of social media they have and feel NOTHING.



    4. But you firmly decide that it's just a phase and you shan't tell anyone about it.


    Excuse me while I laugh in the corner.

    5. And that lasts about the 2 minutes it takes for you to call your best friend who proceeds to deliver an Oscar worthy freak out.

    ABC / Via

    6. In hindsight, telling them may have been a mistake.

    7. And there's always that one friend who agrees with you that nothing will probably ever happen.

    E! / Via


    8. But at least you now have people to decipher texts with you.


    9. Your weird fantasies about them begin to freak you out.

    Cartoon Network / Via

    Brainnnnn. Why you do this to me????

    10. Seeing them in public rattles you to your core.


    11. And talking to them is near impossible.

    ABC / Via

    get. it. together

    12. Seeing them flirt with someone else is the lord's way of testing you.


    BBC Films / Via

    14. Listening to them talk is your new favorite hobby.


    15. You will, at one point, reveal to them something that you learned from your many stalking sessions something they've never told you.


    The awkwardness that follows will feel annihilating.

    16. Regardless of your dorkiness, there will come a day, after many hours of shameless flirting, when they will finally text you first.

    17. And you might pluck up the courage to ask them out. And they might even say yes!

    18. You'll walk around for the rest of the day feeling like a BAMF.

    Pixar / Via

    19. And then everything is lovely and wonderful and unicorns and rainbows.

    Illumination Entertainment / Via
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