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Ron Paul SuperPAC Imagines If The Russians Or The Chinese Occupied The United States

Controversial new ad highlights Paul's commitment to end the wars. But why now? And why in Iowa, where his foreign policy views are out of step with Republicans?

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Ron Paul's SuperPAC, Revolution PAC, is out with a controversial new ad that examines an alternative history of if the United States were invaded like Afghanistan and Iran.

The ad concludes by asserting that closing military bases and ending the wars is not isolationism, but friendship, showing the PAC's name manipulated to say "LOVE."

Paul's foreign policy is his biggest vulnerability in Iowa, where his message of smaller government is almost mainstream. Rep. Michele Bachmann, Gov. Rick Perry, and Sen. Rick Santorum have all targeted Paul in the Hawkeye State over his unconventional foreign policy views, making the timing of this ad is more than somewhat puzzling.

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