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VIDEO: Romney Gaffes Introducing "Next President" Ryan

Cleanup on the stage in Norfolk. But seriously: This is all about Paul Ryan.

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NORFOLK, Virginia — Mitt Romney gave Paul Ryan his second promotion of the day.

Moments after mentioning that the Wisconsin congressman will be his running-mate, the presumptive Republican nominee introduced Ryan as "the next President of the United States."

The crowd grew silent as Romney stepped away from the microphone and the music kicked in, cheering Ryan's appearance on stage with a confused delay.

Romney bounded back up on the stage as Ryan began speaking to clean up his remark.

"Every now and then I make mistakes," Romney said to chuckles. "But I can tell you. I did not make a mistake with this guy," he added.

Romney then reintroduced Romney, before stepping off the stage for Ryan to continue his remarks.

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