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9 Posts From BuzzFeed's International Teams That Prove The Internet Can Take You There

This week our International teams were all about local pride, travel, fantastical fast food hybrids and clapping back at haters. And getting pissed, of course.

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1. From Mexico City: Esto es lo que pasa cuando juntas una Big Mac y una Whopper (Here’s What Happens When You Actually Make A McWhopper)


In an attempt to promote world peace, Burger King proposed The McWhopper. McDonalds rejected said offer, but Team Mexico went ahead and made their own McWhopper. The post blew up on the live stats, making it a prime candidate to translate into multiple languages for a global audience. An English version of the post got 248,262 PVs and a 2.2 social lift. Brasil came up with their own fast-food hybrids leading to 71,319 PVs and a 3.0 social lift and U.S. food editors riffed on fast food meals that are better than a McWhopper for over 199,680 PVs and 1.5 social lift. Moral of the story: people everywhere love fast food.

3. From Toronto: The 19 Most Saskatchewan Things Ever

Headtale/Flickr / Via Flickr: headtale

Always wanted to go to Big Beaver (and other parts of Saskatchewan) but just never found the time? Don't worry, Ishmael Daro shows us what this wonderfully square province is all about. Another hyperlocal post with a social lift of 7x.


5. From Berlin: 15 Antworten, mit denen Du Vorurteile gegen Flüchtlinge entkräften kannst (15 Ways To Respond To Prejudice Against Refugees)


Though many in Germany have welcomed refugees with open arms, others have responded with deeply prejudiced remarks. Karsten Schmehl and Lena Reinhard debunked some statements about refugees going around on Facebook, citing German law and other sources. Their advice was pretty popular, judging from the 23x social lift.

6. From Paris: 18 fois Où Christian Estrosi A Été Sylvester Stallone (18 Times Christian Estrosi Thought He Was Sylvester Stallone)

Ascension du Mont Ténibre à 3031m dans le @mercantour. Bonne journée à tous !

The mayor of Nice thinks he's Sylvester Stallone, as evidenced by Adrien Sénécat's roundup of the politician's tweets and instas. The best part about this post? Mayor Christian Estrosi loved it. He even tweeted at BuzzFeed France saying thanks!

8. From São Paulo: 19 coisas que os mineiros querem que o Brasil inteiro saiba (19 Things That Miners Want The Rest Of Brazil To Know) / Via

This hyperlocal, image-heavy post by Clarissa Steps about regional pride from the state of Minas Gerais was widely shared in Brazil with a whopping 9.6x social lift.

9. From London: 27 Things All Former Underage Drinking Brits Will Remember


Here's to Buzz about getting buzzed on things that are sickly sweet and unnaturally colored! Based on a recent hit by Mikey Nicholson on underage drinking in Australia, this post by Flo Perry blew up with a 7.5 lift and more than 600k PVs.