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    34 Things That Make Absolutely Perfect Gifts

    Trust me, you'll want to save this list for later. The products in this post were updated in December 2017.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their go-to gift ideas. Get ready, because here are the (amazing) results!

    1. A poster of their favorite movie (or TV series) that'll make them say, "Great Scott! This is perfect!"

    "It's easy to find out someone's favorite TV show/movie if they talk about it or if you ask someone close to them. They will think you genuinely remember their interests. It always impresses." β€”laurennicolet2

    Get this one from AllPosters for $4.99+.

    2. A picnic basket for laying out a delicious and photogenic spread in the park.

    "A picnic basket with glasses, plates, silverware, salami, cheese, crackers, wine/champagne, and a Twister game β€” scores every time with new parents, newlyweds, or at a housewarming." β€”jkn

    Get this one from Target for $49.99 (utensils, dishes, and cups included).

    3. A set of bath bombs to encourage some rest and relaxation. Heck, pick some up for yourself while you're at it!

    "Bath bombs are always an excellent choice because they're fun, soothing, and customizable β€” but won't break the bank." β€”Kate G.

    Get a set of eight from Amazon for $23.49.

    4. A portable Bluetooth speaker for a ~serperior~ sound experience.

    "A portable speaker is a great gift because they can use it for music or in any situation where they need to hear things better on their phone, like when using GPS in the car." β€”superstar907

    Get this one from Amazon for $36.28 or from ThinkGeek for $39.99.

    5. A cool print that they won't find at the ~Maul~.

    "My boyfriend is a Star Wars and Red Sox fan, so I got him a really minimalistic Star Wars art print on Etsy for his birthday, and then I found a blueprint of Fenway Park for Christmas. I framed them. To this day, he says they are two of his favorite gifts." β€”sashap6

    Get this one from Stanley Print House on Etsy for $4.95+.

    6. A unique notebook for jotting down spontaneous ideas and weird dreams.


    Get this one from Think Geek for $9.99.

    7. A pair of headphones so ~purrr-ty~, they're impossible to forget.

    "Everybody at some point will need headphones and will thank you when theirs either disappear or get ruined because you gave them a backup!" β€”blkltr

    Get this pair from PBteen for $59.

    8. A plush bathrobe that'll make every other piece of clothing feel inferior.

    "A bathrobe that makes you feel like a cloud is hugging you. Fun for the buyer, too, because you get to test them out." β€”genboogie

    Get this one from Amazon for $24.99+ (available in six colors).

    9. An Amazon Prime membership for people who are too busy to shop brick and mortar.

    "My sister loves to shop, but her job keeps her so busy she barely ever has time. After struggling to figure out what to give her for Christmas, my boyfriend suggested I get her an Amazon Prime subscription. It was pricey ($99 for the year) but worth it β€” she absolutely loves it and uses it all the time. It makes a great gift for someone you love who is constantly busy (and, obviously, someone who is worth spending $99 on)." β€”samarra29

    Get the membership here ($33 for three months or $99 for a year).

    10. An engraved flask, because carrying a drink doesn't have to be ~whiskey~ business.

    "When people turn the legal drinking age, an engraved flask always does the trick." β€”delaineys

    Get this one from Engrave Me This on Etsy for $17.79+ (also available in black).

    11. A frame to pair with a favorite photo (or two) to remind them of happy memories.

    "I used to roll my eyes at my mom when she suggested this to me in elementary school, but now as a twenty-something, it's my go-to. I feel like so many people take great pictures and post them on FB or Instagram but don't actually take the time to go print them out. It's a simple, personal gift they can add to their home." β€”Molly McCormack, Facebook

    Get this frame from Urban Outfitters for $18.

    12. A personalized cutting board that's the ~rye~ kind of present for all occasions.

    "[A personalized cutting board] is my absolute favorite gift to get couples for weddings, housewarmings, and holidays. It's always a huge hit!" β€”nicollettebrandt

    Get this one from Mark and Graham for $59.

    13. A pretty box to fill with affirmations. It'll bring a smile to anyone's face!

    "One time as a Secret Santa gift, I bought a pretty box from the dollar store and printed out 100 compliments/affirmations on little slips of paper and put them in the box. Some of them were personal, others were from the Internet. The idea was that if the recipient was ever feeling sad, she could randomly pick out a compliment from the box and feel better. It seems stupid, but little creative stuff like that tends to make people happy!" β€”Rachel K.

    Get this box from Paperchase for $4.50.

    14. A Tiffany wineglass for when they're popping open a special bottle of red (or just some fancy AF seltzer).

    "It comes in that unforgettable, eye-popping blue box. Great for weddings, birthdays, Christmas, or better yet, a gift for your boss! Only $25 for a small gift that lasts a lifetime." β€”hillaryannp

    Get it from Tiffany's for $25.

    15. A couple of succulents to help you say ~aloe~!

    "They're hard to kill and last longer." β€”kbreg24

    Get a set of four from Succulent Beauties on Etsy for $16.57.

    16. A cute mug that can be filled with tea, coffee, and a little snack.

    "I'm SUCH a sucker for mugs. I love buying a cute mug and filling it up with little goodies to make a perfect cup of tea, coffee, or hot cocoa, plus something to munch on with the drink, like a biscotti. To me, it's a perfect simple gift." β€”marleep3

    Get this one from Amazon for $17.99.

    17. A book you'll ~Neville~ get tired of to share with another reader.

    "If they're a reader, give them your favorite book. It's sentimental to both of you that way." β€”Corinne B.

    Get this copy from Amazon for $6.85.

    18. A gift card that can be put toward a specific service, such as a car wash.

    "I'm a teacher, and so far, my favorite gifts I've ever received have been clever non-Starbucks gift cards/certificates. I once got one for a really nice car wash place, and it was so cool to get something unique and useful." β€”katiem4fe5ab089

    Get this one from Amazon for $25+.

    19. A fragrant bar of soap from Anthropologie with incredibly pretty packaging.

    "They are beautiful, last forever, are gentle, come pre-wrapped, and smell amazing. The best thing is there are so many options you can always find the perfect match for someone! I got these for my picky grandmother, and she re-orders and raves about them!" β€”huntirnt

    Get it from Anthropologie for $8.

    20. A mason jar filled with candy for someone with a sweet tooth. Pick some of their favorites, then throw in a few interesting ones, so it's a surprise!,

    "When I didn't want to spend a lot for a gift, I did chocolate-covered strawberries or one of those larger mason jars filled with their favorite wrapped candy with some festive ribbon around the top. These are cheap things that still show you put in a little bit of thought, and if you're like me, you appreciate your sweets!" β€”Lance D.

    Get the candy on Amazon for $3.71 and the jar for $6.39.

    21. A set of personalized stationery that's sure to be a ~wiener~.

    "Personalized stationery has been a go-to for me! Especially for my newbie adult friends going through job interviews that might need to write thank-you notes. It can be expensive but Vistaprint has some on the cheap. Go for a classic black and white design and a simple font. Type their name, and boom you're done. Seems like you did a lot but it's so easy!" β€”Aly S.

    Get this set from Minted for $35+.

    22. A gift card to the movies paired with some popcorn, because you're thoughtful like that.,

    You could also switch out the gift card with a copy of your favorite movie.

    Suggested by Sierra D. and shayjk513.

    Get the gift card from Amazon for $25+ and the popcorn from Target for $3.29.

    23. An Instax Mini for people who prefer physical photos over digital ones.

    "I love to get my friends Instax Minis to capture snapshots of their incredible lives!" β€”rebeccan4ca0c29af

    Get it from Amazon for $69.94 (available in five colors).

    24. A fondue set, because everything tastes better when covered in melted cheese (or chocolate).

    "Kids, moms, and dads love it! Even if you are single, it's perfect for dates! There are many types on Amazon in different price ranges! You can make it salty or sweet β€” perfect for every taste." β€”maneg2

    Get this one from Amazon for $41.58.

    25. A Klean Kanteen insulated bottle for keeping beverages at the right temperature all day long.

    "I have two of them, and they are the greatest things ever. They don't sweat, and they keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold for so long!" β€”mollyh31

    Get this from Amazon for $20.35+ (available in eight colors and three sizes).

    26. A travel kit so they'll have everything they need on their next vacation.

    "It's tiny so you can carry it around every time, and there are so many variations so you can always please the person!" β€”maneg2

    Get this kit from Sephora for $15.

    27. A warm, cozy throw blanket for someone who is always cold or loves to nap.

    "A really nice, cozy throw blanket! As a kid, I'd make no-sew fleece blankets for my friends' birthday parties. I'd pick out printed fabric that represented them (dogs, soccer balls, etc.) and they were always really cute. My mom, a teacher, got the NICEST woven blanket ever from a student for Christmas. My whole family fights over that blanket because it's so soft and heavy. Great, great gift." β€”Ally L.

    Get this one from Amazon for $23.99 (available in 13 colors).

    28. An Alex and Ani bracelet that'll be their lucky charm.

    "They have one for everyone. Most of them come with little info cards explaining the meaning behind the design, and it gives a really nice personal and thoughtful touch to the gift." β€”kittytoes

    Get this one from Amazon for $28 (also available in gold).

    29. Some cash (or a Visa gift card), because they can use it however they like.

    "I don't know why people think it's impersonal. Instead of spending my money on something that somebody won't like, I'll just give them money, and they can either buy themselves a good present or pay off some bills." β€”Desiree M.

    30. A fire extinguisher for putting out unexpected flames. It's truly a life-saver!

    "Sounds silly BUT a fire extinguisher. It's hilarious and it isn't anything anyone ever expects. #itsmorefuntoseethedisapointment #noneofmyfriendsareallowedtodie" β€”a42a62d840

    Get it from Target for $21.99.

    31. A pair of fuzzy socks to make hardwood floors feel like a meadow.

    "You can never go wrong with fuzzy socks." β€”Casey H.

    Get six pairs on Amazon for $15.99+.

    32. A cast-iron skillet that's sturdy and makes fantastic breakfasts.

    "You can't have too many, and you can't break it in shipping." β€”Kyra M.

    Get this one from Amazon for $58.73.

    33. A spice tower for anyone who ~cayenne~ cook.

    "Everybody eats, right? I give spices because there is something for everyone there!" β€”Katie M.

    Get this spice tower from Food52 for $28.

    34. A Pusheen cat plushy, because we can all agree it's impossible to say no to this face.

    "Nothing beats a cute little animal, no matter what age! This is a safe way to make sure nobody is upset with their gift or has the same thing already." β€”phoebeg81

    Get it from Amazon for $19.25 (available in seven designs).

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