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    25 Things That Belong On Your Birthday Wish List

    A Baby Yoda puzzle, cloud-shaped bath bombs, a DIY cheese-making kit, and other goodies that'll make awesome birthday gifts.

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    1. A mini DIY kit that'll yield *three* batches of rustic and delicious cheese — you can choose to make yours creamy, firm, sweet, or savory. The end result can vary from ricotta to feta in flavor and texture.

    2. Playing cards featuring famous artists to spice up your weekly poker game (except you'll probably spend more time looking at the cards instead of actually playing).

    3. A nourishing Amika hair mask (formulated with sea buckthorn berry, jojoba seed oil, and vitamin C) for helping to condition and hydrate your dry, damaged locks. New year, better hair!

    4. A tiny but mighty Darth Vader Bluetooth speaker that'll make you say, "The sound is strong with this one."

    5. A pair of personalized sterling silver earrings, because it's your birthday and even your accessories should be a celebration of YOU!

    6. A blue-footed booby embroidered patch to iron on your denim jacket — it'll definitely spark up a conversation about underrated animals.

    7. A polar bear mini humidifier that'll not only help soothe your dry sinuses but will also look adorable on your desk.

    8. A pretty eyeshadow palette perfect for testing out some new makeup looks.

    9. A freestanding perpetual calendar you can use year after year — just move the colorful contrast magnets to highlight the day and date.

    10. Cloud-shaped bath bombs that'll release a pretty rainbow stream as it fizzes in the tub. Plus, they contain shea butter and natural oils to help moisturize your skin.

    11. An English usage chart to refer to whenever an argument arises over hot button topics like the Oxford comma or who vs whom.

    12. A star-print tunic sweater for outfits that'll shine as bright as your future.

    13. A No Face mug that won't fit endless amounts of food but will fit a generous amount of coffee. The head/lid will also stop dust from falling in your drink.

    14. A holographic peel-off mask (formulated with ruby and pearl powder, rose water, and hyaluronic acid) so your skin will look positively radiant.

    15. A Baby Yoda puzzle to put together while you stream shows on Disney+ in the background.

    16. A T-shirt that'll make any introverted K-pop fan cry tears of joy.

    17. A macrame hanging display for turning old photos and post cards into a cool piece of home decor (instead of storing them in a box under your bed).

    18. A buttery soft AllSaints leather jacket worth investing in, because it'll never go out of style and will become one of your wardrobe staples. The stunning pink hue makes this one especially unique.

    19. A speckled egg candle that'll reveal a baby unicorn as it melts. Bonus: the wax is rainbow-colored!

    20. A vibrating rose quartz facial roller to use for a cooling massage or applying serums and oils. It'll be a luxurious addition to your daily beauty routine.

    21. An alphabetics book featuring awesome alliterations and illuminating illustrations both kids and adults would adore.

    22. A Golden Snitch-inspired fidget spinner that'll never leave your hand.

    23. A Gudetama-inspired silicone case for giving your AirPods a makeover for 2020. It'll also protect them from shock and scratches.

    24. Tiny cactus magnets sure to ~prickle~ your fancy. They are just so darn cute and useful.

    25. A delicious-smelling birthday party candle that might give you intense cake cravings.

    Now, make a wish...

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