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    28 Products For Lazy People Who Also Like To Be Fancy

    Let them eat cake (on the couch)!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pack of bougie gold eye masks that'll take literally two seconds to apply and feel oh-so-soothing.

    2. A laptop case and keyboard cover set so your computer can be protected from crumbs and spills during a binge-watching sesh.

    3. A silky robe to lounge around the house in or wear outside — no outfit change required.

    4. A minimalistic gold hair clip — it'll make a last-minute 'do look less rushed and more effortlessly chic.

    5. Or, a floral headband that'll instantly elevate a messy bun on days you don't feel like styling your hair (which is every day, TBH).

    6. A bamboo tray table so you can enjoy breakfast without leaving your beloved bed.

    7. An aluminum sheet pan for whipping up simple yet delicious one-pan dinners — people will think you put in so much effort.

    8. A sharp blazer to layer over that T-shirt you sleep in and make it instantly work-appropriate.

    9. A dry shampoo that'll have your third-day hair looking fresh AF.

    10. A set of adorable bird-shaped watering bulbs because you often forget to water your plants.

    11. Or, a set of faux succulents for adding some greenery to your home without the responsibility of taking care of a live plant.

    12. A pair of studded mules you can slip on and go because ain't nobody got time for laces.

    13. A plush faux-fur throw blanket that'll look incredibly cozy draped over the couch or bed when you're not snuggled up in it (meaning you never have to fold it).

    14. A sophisticated storage ottoman to quickly throw clothes into when your mom comes over.

    15. An eyeliner stamp so you can get perfectly matching wings with zero effort.

    16. A woven basket for an attractive way to hide away random stuff you don't know where else to put.

    17. A bold red lip that'll look amazing even if you have no other makeup on at all.

    18. A silk sleeping mask to make taking a mid-day nap an even more luxurious experience.

    19. A pack of press-on nails so you can get the same stunning results without spending hours on a manicure.

    20. A striped pajama set you should definitely splurge on because you'll be spending 90% of your time in them.

    21. A pack of inexpensive clip-in extensions for instantly getting million dollar hair.

    22. A sleek bedside caddy that'll give you easy access to the remote (and possibly some snacks).

    23. A pair of super chic sunnies to hide the fact that you're actually asleep.

    24. A wear-everywhere T-shirt dress for feeling extremely comfy while looking extremely cute.

    25. A tub caddy so you don't have to wait for vacation to sip on some wine and watch YouTube vids during a bubble bath.

    26. An overnight mask that'll hydrate your skin while you snooze away — truly a dream come true.

    27. A stylish reversible tote bag to chuck anything and everything into (and no one will ever know how messy it is inside).

    28. A matte porcelain plate for impressing your dinner guests — even if you're just heating up some frozen food from Trader Joe's.

    Being both lazy and fancy = living your best life!

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