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    27 Incredibly Clever Storage Ideas For Your Bathroom

    It's time to give your tiny bathroom a makeover for the new year.

    1. Choose a shower curtain with mesh pockets to keep your tub clutter-free.

    2. Display clean towels on a wall-mounted rack. It's a great way to store towels if you don't have a linen closet!

    3. Tuck away your hair tools out of sight and prevent them from getting tangled together with a heat-resistant styling station. You can hang this one on a towel rack or store it in a cabinet.

    4. Store extra bath products and towels on an aesthetically pleasing rolling cart.

    5. Clear off the sink area by loading beauty products into an attractive acrylic organizer.

    6. If you're short on cabinet space, try hooking a wire basket onto the towel bar for catching miscellaneous items.

    7. Sort out everything in your drawers and store them in individual containers so you can see everything at a glance.

    8. Provide yourself with some enclosed storage space thanks to a narrow cabinet that'll fit in the awkward space between the toilet and the sink.

    9. Give every bathroom essential its own place in an over-the-door organizer.

    10. Boost your counter space with a set of stackable corner shelves.

    11. Utilize empty wall space by mounting a cloud-shaped toilet paper holder — not only will it look adorable, but it'll also provide plenty of room for extra rolls!

    12. Corral your kiddos' bath toys in a mesh net so they'll dry properly and won't take up the entire tub.

    13. Make it easier to see and access cleaning products by storing them in two-tier drawers.

    14. Avoid knocking shampoo bottles off the tub rim by putting everything in a hanging caddy. This one can be attached to a shower head or curtain rod.

    15. Bump up your medicine cabinet storage space with multi-compartment organizers.

    16. Hang a laundry hamper on the door for collecting dirty towels and clothes. This one won't take up any precious floor space.

    17. Put cotton swabs, pads, and puffs into apothecary jars. This way you can buy in bulk, store extras in the cabinet, and keep only what you need out on the counter.

    18. Attach a storage cabinet behind the door to permanently solve your small bathroom problems.

    19. Save space with a three-tier bamboo rack that can be wall-mounted or left free-standing, depending on how much wall/floor space you have.

    20. Stash a huge supply of TP (12 rolls, to be exact) in a stocker, so you'll never run out at a critical moment. The top doubles as a place to set your phone and some Poo-Pourri. 😏

    21. Affix a suction caddy to the wall to catch your toiletries if there's just no room around the sink.

    22. Gain extra storage around your cabinet-less pedestal sink with a rolling organizer.

    23. Provide an extra roll and some reading material for guests (and yourself) with a TP stand.

    24. Loop your bath products in an ~ink-redibly~ cute and useful shower squid instead of using a plain ol' shower caddy.

    25. Take advantage of vertical space with an over-the-toilet shelf.

    26. Dry towels and bath mats on a ladder. It's low profile like a regular towel rack but fits a lot more.

    27. Install floating wall shelves for utilizing the empty wall space in your bathroom. These will be especially handy for people who don't have a built-in medicine cabinet.

    You, after re-organizing your entire bathroom:

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