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29 Cute Animals That Are Native To Latin America

Capybaras, llamas, toucans, and other adorable creatures.

1. The three-toed sloth

2. The Brazilian tapir (aka the South American tapir)

3. The margay

4. The burrowing owl

5. The capybara

6. The pigmy marmoset

7. The guanaco

8. The spectacled bear (aka the Andean bear)

9. The agouti

10. The Andean flamingo

11. The southern tamandua

12. The golden lion tamarin

13. The toco toucan

14. The southern three-banded armadillo

15. The South American sea lion

16. The Patagonian mara

17. The macaw

18. The tapeti (aka the Brazilian cottontail)

19. The llama

20. The kinkajou

21. The red brocket

22. The Panamanian golden frog

23. The peccary

24. The blue-footed booby

25. The alpaca

26. The coati

27. The long-tailed chinchilla

28. The axolotl (aka Mexican walking fish)

29. The spider monkey

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