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    26 Of The Best Desk Chairs You Can Get Online

    Because the desk chair is the throne of your home office.

    1. A colorful velvet task chair that might just be the most attractive piece of furniture in your home. The cushy seat will make sitting down for hours a breeze.

    The velvet chair in orange

    2. A leatherette office chair for anyone who appreciates both form and function. You can tilt back and swing the arms out of the way if needed.

    The leatherette office chair in tan

    3. A computer chair with an adjustable headrest, padded seat, and lumbar pillow so comfortable, you'll be sad to get out of it at the end of the day. It even comes with a built-in hanger for your jacket.

    4. A fuzzy chair that'll make you feel like you're sitting on a lil' cloud.

    The fuzzy chair in pink

    5. A race car-style gaming chair you actually won't mind sitting in all day long — so go head, make some ~vroom~ for it.

    The gaming chair in black and blue

    6. A fancy upholstered office chair that'll be ~tuft~ to say no to — it'll help you nail that luxe farmhouse look.

    The chair at a table

    7. An armless vinyl chair for a comfortable option that looks more expensive than it is.

    The chair in a bedroom

    8. A bonded-leather chair with an angled backrest and a padded head pillow to give you the support you need.

    Model sits in the chair while working at a desk

    9. A very chic chair that's basically a work of art.

    The chair in navy

    10. A sturdy bonded-leather guest chair that'll be easy on your butt and great for your posture. This is a great option if wheels aren't really your thing.

    Reviewer image of the chair at a desk

    11. A sophisticated banker's chair for getting a vintage look without sacrificing comfort. If leather chairs make you overheat, this is a cooling alternative.

    The chair in the espresso finish

    12. A mesh task chair to provide proper air flow to your back so you won't feel sticky and sweaty on a warm day.

    The chair in white

    13. An ergonomic office chair with adjustable lumbar support your lower back will thank you for buying.

    Reviewer image of the chair at a desk

    14. A padded executive chair that'll make you feel like an actual boss while you're sitting in it. It's also great for spinning around dramatically and saying, "I've been expecting you."

    The chair in brown

    15. An incredibly cool Avengers massage gaming chair both you and your family will marvel at.

    16. A chair with memory foam seat and arms that's as cozy (and stylish) as your fave armchair — except it has wheels and can rotate 360 degrees.

    The chair in charcoal

    17. A mid-century-inspired chair almost too good looking to be a desk chair. But it is one, and it's a darn good one.

    The chair at a desk with matching wood

    18. A basic, no-frill task chair you basically can't go wrong with — the lack of handles makes it possible for you sit cross-legged.

    The chair in burgundy

    19. A leather office chair that can recline up to a 155-degree angle! Buy this with caution because it's so comfortable, you might just fall asleep while working. (Pssst. It even has a retractable footrest!)

    The chair in a work space

    20. A gorgeous velvet swivel chair with a gold-tone frame for anyone who's been struggling to find an aesthetically pleasing seat for their desk or vanity.

    The chair at a desk with matching gold accents

    21. A supportive manager chair so you'll feel fully in charge of your productivity.

    The chair in an office

    22. A mid-century modern chair with a padded seat to make it a lot more comfy than your average dining chair. If you're looking for dining chairs that can double as desk chairs — look no further.

    The chair in teal

    23. An acrylic swivel chair that's clearly the right choice for pretty much any kind of decor.

    The acrylic swivel chair

    24. A drafting chair for anyone who uses an elevated work surface (like a drafting table or standing desk). The footrest ring makes it easier to relax since your legs won't be dangling in the air.

    The chair in grey

    25. A computer chair you can customize in just about every way — you can adjust the height of the back, seat, and arms, as well as the angle and tilt resistance. Plus, it comes in a variety of bright colors to brighten up your WFH space.

    The chair in blue

    26. A sleek conference chair that'll look great in video calls, whether you're chatting with colleagues or family.

    The chair in an office

    But we all know Dr. Evil has the best office chairs:

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