22 Experiences Only People Who Went To A Quaker School Have Had

    Friend speaks my mind.

    1. You walk into the parking lot and every bumper looks like this.

    2. Being in a room while people discuss the "inner light" that guides them is completely normal.

    3. Having "moments of silence" before the start of every class.

    4. Your teachers always telling you to "discern" your future when they really just meant "decide."

    5. Calling your teachers by their first name, always.

    6. Realizing the word "friend" had a much different meaning for you.

    7. Already knowing everyone on the first day of school because you all went to Quaker summer camp together.

    8. Being talked into joining a committee without even knowing what the committee is for.

    9. Being taught to embrace simplicity even though your school charges absurd amounts to attend it.

    10. Seeing your peers walking around barefoot is... normal.

    11. People have said to you, "Quakers are Amish, right?" and then you just hang your head in frustration.

    No, they're actually two different things.

    12. Inevitably getting stuck in a meeting where everything is decided by consensus and it takes forever.

    13. Being asked if you are forced to go to church.

    14. Knowing what "Quaker hands" are and making them regularly.

    15. Telling someone that you are holding them in the light when they were going through a tough time.

    16. Being asked your opinion or advice on something and automatically replying with a core Quaker value.

    17. Attending Meeting for Worship means sitting in silence until you feel "moved" to speak.

    18. Seeing beards everywhere. Long beards.

    19. Being asked, "Do Quakers really still exist?"

    20. Hearing the phrase "The Way Opens" has made you weirdly feel better.

    21. You have slipped and said "Friend speaks my mind" in a non-Quaker setting and laughed awkwardly.

    22. You've at least considered becoming a for-real Quaker, if you're not already.

    Even after you graduate, a part of you will always identify with Quakers.