Proof One Direction Was Meant To Be Latino

1D fans on Twitter made a strong case with the #hispanicimagines hashtag.

1. What going on a date with One Direction would be like, if they were Latino:

2. They would take you to get paletas.

3. Your parents would compare Louis to El Chavo del Ocho.

4. The threat of la llorona would continue to haunt you even when you’re together.

5. They would be nice and try on the clothes your grandma got them.

6. They wouldn’t be afraid to go on Caso Cerrado to save the relationship.


— M A L I K (@CrayCrayMofoo)

7. They would wear these boots for you without understanding why you are laughing.

buying harry new boots for his birthday <33 #hispanicimagines

— Denny (@larrysshire)

8. They would try to be culturally appropriate and fail.

#hispanicimagines Harry trying to fit in with your family "Y eso gringo que se cree?"

— 500 DAYS OF LIAM/5 ッ (@fairylandstyles)

9. What it would be like if One Direction attended your Quinceanera:

10. They would make perfect Chambelans.

#hispanicimagines the boys being youre chamberlain at youre quincea༞ra ahaah imagine omg lol

— & (@SEXMALIKx)

11. They would join in on el baile de sorpresa.

#hispanicimagines the boys being part of your cousins baile de sorpresa

— ✌ Celina ✌ (@WantingThe5Ds)

12. They would try really hard to impress your mom. Za! Za! Za!

#hispanicimagines the boys showing a dance for you're mom so they can be in you're quincea༞ra HAHAHAHAHAHAH

— kri (@mainbri)

13. They would have the perfect moves to accompany you on the dance floor.

The boys at your Qincea༞ra #hispanicimagines

— (@1Dvodka)

14. They would be a little overwhelmed when you introduce them to the family:

15. “Oh, don’t worry. My Tio can fix it.”

#hispanicimagines You get in a car wreck w ur fav "I guess we have to get a new car" "No manches my tio can fix it"

— 500 DAYS OF LIAM/5 ッ (@fairylandstyles)

16. They would wonder why you have so many prayer candles.

your fav lighting candles to set the mood #hispanicimagines

— diana (@voIcanicluke)

17. They would need to understand that nothing is impossible.

"harry get in the car" "but it's full" "que full ni que nada we can fit 10 more people" #hispanicimagines

— plz calum?:( (@ohnarrystagram)

18. They would meet just one side of the family and think that was it, but that was just your dad’s.

Imagine ur fave coming over for a family party "is this everyone" "No it's only my dad's side" #hispanicimagines

— eva the diva (@nirvanaashtonn)

19. They would have to understand you’re only compatible because Walter Mercado said so.

#hispanicimagines knowing ur compatible with ur fav bc Walter Mercado told you <3

— stella (@narrysoddfuture)

20. They would have to be OK with your whole house being full of these.

#hispanicimagines cuddling in bed with your fav with your favorite blanket <3

— ✌ Celina ✌ (@WantingThe5Ds)

21. They would question why you believe VapoRub is the cure for everything.

#hispanicimagines Imagine your fav is sick "Babe I'm going to the dr" "Que te crees usa esto. Esto te cura"

— brenda ッ (@fairylandstyles)

22. They would have to join you in your own love of other music fandoms:

23. They would have to accept that La Voz is way better than X Factor.

#hispanicimagines *niall to you* "hey babe lets watch the xfactor" 'xfahctor mis nalgas vamos a ver la voz kids'

— '''' (@malik_myballs)

24. They would have to accept they aren’t the only group you love.

you and your fav listening to your fav band together #hispanicimagines

— a (@sugartitnarry)

25. They would have to admit Rebelde was the best group before One Direction.

"I was your first favorite band right babe?" "Sure..." #hispanicimagines

— abbie (@lukeftcliffrd)

26. They would mistake Marco Antonio Solis for Jesus.

#hispanicimagines "Babe I didn't know you were a religious fanatic" "No pendejo it's marco antonio solis"


27. They would have to clean the house with you to your all-Selena playlist.

Limpiando with your fav and blasting some Selena #hispanicimagines

— Xochitl :) (@huggablexziall)

28. They would join you in eating all the best foods like Churros and Duvalin.

29. They would try your mom’s salsa even when they couldn’t take the heat.

#hispanicimagines Liam trying your mom's home made salsa

— ✌ Celina ✌ (@WantingThe5Ds)

30. They would join in on your duvalin addiction.

You and your fav only eating these #hispanicimagines

— Xochitl :) (@huggablexziall)

31. They wouldn’t know how to properly warm the comal for the tortillas.

Imagine your first cooking experience with your fave #hispanicimagines

— ☹ niall please ☻ (@kingxniall)

32. They would understand that it’s impossible to have Maruchan without hot sauce and lime.

#hispanicimagines Me: Hey baby made you dinner. Fav: Aw thanks what you make m- Me: you better eat cabron

— Edna (@vaporstyles)

33. They wouldn’t judge you if you brought your chile to dinner.

#hispanicimagines bringing a chile to an American restaurant for your date with your fav bc they don't have any there

— ✄STOP, PLEASE STOP✄ (@pookiethepooks)

34. Menudo? They just aren’t ready for this deliciousness. THEIR PALLETE WASN’T BORN LIKE THIS.

The kind of face your fave makes when he tries Menudo for the first time #hispanicimagines

— Grace (@megatron_lou)

35. They would share elotes with you.

You and Zayn sharing one of these!! #hispanicimagines

— Xochitl :) (@huggablexziall)

36. They would understand that churros are better than popcorn.

#hispanicimagines *going to the movies with your fav* 'Hey babe I got the popcorn' "No its ok I got something better

— '''' (@malik_myballs)

37. Thank you, #hispanicimagines.

WHY HAVENT I SEEN THIS #hispanicimagines

— emily // luke pls (@rockpunkmichael)

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