• yesindeed

      HAHA this coming fromaguy who COMMENTS on ads foraliving. If the DJ at the party where you are has no talent then logically you must have no taste for being there. What people aren’t acknowledging is the difference betweenatop 40 DJ who basically takes requests foraliving and the underground artist/dj who very often spends countless hours writing and producing their own music and many other hours tirelessly searching for underground tracks that nobody else has time to look for. It’s quite simple, if you’re looking for radio music, don’t go to underground parties. The people who frequent house and techno nights DO NOT want to hear Lady Gaga or Lil WayneIpromise you. If that’s what you’re looking for findamore suitable place to spend your money and time and quit trying to beasmartass. The biggest douchebags are the ones who generalize.

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