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    12 Ways To Annoy A DJ

    Can you please play the one that goes "DUM DUM DUM da DA DUM BUM BAAAA?"

    1. "Can you put this song on next?"

    2. "It's my/my friend's birthday, so you have to play this song!"

    3. "It'll be sooooo funny if you play this joke/parody/hokey song next!"

    4. "Would you mind putting my jacket in the booth while I dance?"

    5. "Can I hang out in the booth with you?"

    6. "Here, play MY tracklist even though you've clearly already made your own mix!"

    7. "What does this button/knob do?"

    8. "Can I put my drink here for a sec?"

    9. "Here's a dollar, now will you play my song?"

    Via Twitter: @jaydabhi

    It's gonna take a little more than that, dude.

    10. "Put on something we can dance to!"

    11. "Can you play the one that goes, like, DUM DUM DUM da DA DUM BUM BAAAA?"

    Via Twitter: @DJ_Ali_B

    Uh, probably not.

    12. "Can you play a song from my phone/off of YouTube?"