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    31 Seriously Useful Tips Every Clean Freak Needs To Know

    If you're like Monica Geller and nothing gets you amped up like cleanliness, you'll love these tips (and products).

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    1. Get in between easy-to-forget crevices like blinds or air conditioning vents with a microfiber cleaner. This three-tier tool makes it easier and quicker to dust. And the sleeves are removable and washable.

    2. Speaking of dust, use an old dryer sheet to keep your baseboards clean. They work incredibly well at removing dust and they remove static.

    A reviewer holding a dryer sheet

    3. Another dryer sheet hack? I'm glad you asked. Place a dryer sheet, dish soap, and hot water in a pan and let it soak overnight. By morning it will look brand-new.

    A spilt image of a sheet pan with one clean half and one dirty half

    4. You'll want to consider cleaning your dishwasher. Although it's usually doing all the dirty work, it needs some maintenance too. These tablets remove limescale and mineral buildup.

    A reviewer's dirty dishwasher before using the cleaner and after showing a cleaner dishwasher

    5. And while you're at it, clean your washing machine too. These tablets will get rid of odor and built-up grime.

    A model putting a cleaning tablet in a washing machine

    6. Learn how to deal with stubborn stains instead of guessing by using this helpful guide. You don't have to freak out if you get makeup on your pillow because you were too tired to wash it off before bed (it happens) — just grab some shaving cream!

    A guide to deal with stains like wine, sweat, blood, and makeup using items you can find around the house

    7. Rely on The Pink Stuff, a miracle all-purpose cleaner. It removes stains, grease, or grime from most surfaces like glass, wood, marble, metal, and more. It cleans everything from toilets to showers to dishes and even countertops.

    A dirty sink/A clean sink after using The Pink Stuff

    8. Get a deeper clean with a battery-powered scrubber to get in all those tiny spaces where dirt gets trapped. Your grout will look sparkling clean afterwards.

    9. Use a pillowcase to clean your ceiling fan so dust won't go flying everywhere and you can get a 360 clean.

    A person using a pillowcase to clean their ceiling fan blades

    10. Invest in a self-sealing garbage bin that controls overflow and reduces stinky smells. At the press of a button, a new trash bag replaces the old one after sealing it shut!

    11. For a lazy (yet deep) clean, try Wet & Forget to clean your shower. You only need to use it once a week! Just spray, leave it overnight, and wash away the next day.

    12. Microwave a bowl of water so the steam can loosen dried food, making it much easier to clean and wipe away stains. You can also add lemons for a clean, fresh scent.

    13. Keep areas like under your kitchen or bathroom sink organized with two-tier slide out baskets.

    Under a reviewer's kitchen sink organized with slide out baskets

    14. Get in control of that ever-growing pile of shopping bags with a bag holder. This holder fits over your cabinet door and holds all your shopping bags securely while keeping them out of sight.

    A cabinet door with a bag holder attached to the inside holding shopping bags

    15. Don't forget to clean under the screw cover on your toilet seat, because it gets super gross over time.

    16. Remove pet hair from your floors, couch, or carpet with a fur remover broom because vacuuming isn't always as thorough as you think.

    A dog laying on green carpet next to a pile of fur and a broom

    17. Ditch your dust pan and that annoying line that remains on the floor after you try to sweep everything into it with a stationary vacuum. You won't have to worry about leaving anything behind while cleaning up.

    18. Heat your sponges in the microwave for one minute to zap away bacteria.

    A sponge in a microwave

    19. Get a thorough clean with a wall mop so you don't leave any surface dirty — not even the hard-to-reach areas. Clean away spiderwebs, dust, and dirt without a ladder.

    A wall mop cleaning the corner of a wall

    20. Revive wood furniture with Feed-N-Wax wood conditioner. It also removes those pesky water stains, marks, and imperfections. It not only cleans wood but it also enhances it, keeps it from drying and fading, and provides protection from future damage.

    21. Make vinegar your best friend. It has so many uses from deodorizing to removing stains to cleaning clothes and pots and pans.

    22. And you can also use vinegar to descale your shower head. Simply fill a plastic bag with vinegar (you could also add a few drops of your fave essential oil) and use a rubber band to hang it over the showerhead.

    A scaly shower head inside a baggie filled with the mixture to sit and wait

    23. Consider cleaning your phone with a Phone Soap UV sanitizer. I mean, nowadays we take our devices everywhere and they collects germs throughout the day. Now you can disinfect your phone while it charges.

    24. Clean tricky areas like car vents, keyboards, and anything with buttons or crevices like remote controls with cleaning putty gel. Remove dust, crumbs, and more by pressing this on surfaces and lifting it away.

    25. Use a lint roller to clean window and door screens. Easily remove dust, cobwebs, and pollen by rolling this sticky tool over it for a quick and thorough clean.

    A person using a lint roller to clean a window screen

    26. For a sparkling clean toilet, use a pumice stone toilet bowl cleaner, because it will get rid of everything a traditional toilet brush leaves behind.

    27. Or try eucalyptus scented toilet fizzies that are like bath bombs for your toilet. They are eco-friendly and don't smell like harsh cleaning products. Made with sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, they absorb odor, remove stains, and disinfect your toilet bowl.

    A jar of toilet fizzies with some beside the jar

    28. Wash your sink after you do the dishes by using hot water, dish soap, and a sponge. Just like washing your dishes, your sink could use a deep clean every once in a while too.

    Someone washing their sink with a soapy sponge

    29. Or you can use a dusting of flour and a microfiber cloth to make your stainless sink look brand-new.

    A person using flour and a microfiber cloth to make their stainless steel sink look shiny and clean

    30. Clean your desktop, counters, and small messes around your house with a mini vacuum. This one is battery operated, so it's cordless. And it's lightweight enough that kids can use it too!

    31. To catch all the hair in your drain without much effort, get a TubShroom. You won't have to use complicated tools or need a lot of elbow grease to get the job done.

    If you're hyped about cleaning and want more tips, check out our guide to cleaning your entire home and our list of places you probably haven't cleaned but should.

    You satisfying your inner clean freak with all of these tips.

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