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    29 Cute, Cheap Stocking Stuffers That May Be Small But Will Bring Major Joy

    These stocking stuffers are so good, they might even be better than the gifts they have under the tree.

    1. Some suction cup kitty cat phone holders that any cat lover on your list will think are just purr-fect. Not only can these be used to prop up their phone, but it can also be used on e-readers and tablets, too.

    Six small cats with suction cups on the paws holding up a phone

    2. A gorgeous marble passport holder for your bestie who loves to travel. This is waterproof and has RFID-blocking lining so their passport, credit cards, and other important docs will be safe and secure.

    3. And some adorable luggage tags because these will not only look super cute on their suitcases, but they'll also make it easier to spot their bags at baggage claim.

    Three luggage tags in the shape of seashells

    4. A sterling silver wave ring if they spend so much time at the beach, you're starting to suspect they might actually be a mermaid. This gift will definitely make a ~splash~ and remind them of the ocean even when it's wayyy too cold to go swimming.

    A reviewer showing the silver ring which is the silhouette of a wave

    5. An anti-chafe balm so they can get some relief from blisters and chafing without messy creams or gels. This will easily glide on and prevent their skin from rubbing together. It can be used between their thighs, under their bra, or anywhere else they'd like to prevent irritation.

    A model applying the chafe balm on their stomach

    6. A set of sprout bookmarks for the book lover in your life whose TBR list seems to be ~growing~ by the minute. These unique bookmarks are soft and squishy enough to slip between pages easily. Plus, reviewers say they're durable and don't slip.

    The sprout bookmark in a reviewer's book

    7. A tea infuser if you want to give them a super unique gift that will upgrade their morning cup of tea and remind them of summer during the cold winter months. This looks exactly like the pool floats you probably saw all over your feed last summer.

    8. A set of spa headbands so they can have a self-care day without getting their face mask all over their hair. It can also keep their hair out of the way when they're washing their face or applying makeup.

    9. A silicone snowflake ice tray because they'll feel like Elsa whenever they pop these cool ice shapes into a drink. It's perfect for anyone on your list who loves iced coffee even in the middle of winter because 🎵 the cold never bothered them anyway. 🎶

    10. Or, a silicone dachshund ice tray for the dog lover on your list. This tray will make the paw-fect gift that'll help them jazz up drinks and punch bowls with unique ice cubes for their next gathering.

    Reviewer showing the tray with a daschund-shaped ice cube

    11. And! A dachshund-esque corkscrew if they love their pet as much as they love wine. Not only is this a cute conversation starter, but reviewers say it's also easy to use and small enough to fit in your pocket or purse so you can have a wine opener on-the-go.

    12. A stainless-steel hair tie bracelet so your BFF won't have to ruin their outfit with a scrunchie around their wrist. This fashionable and practical bracelet discreetly holds a hair tie so they can have one ~on hand~ when they need it.

    A gold bracelet with a groove for keeping a hair tie

    13. A pair of unicorn poop earrings because they're perfect for that unique person on your list who alway laughs at poop jokes and loves unicorns. These earrings are definitely a statement piece that they'll love wearing to add some personality to any outfit.

    The earrings, which are the size of a penny and look like a pile of rainbow poop with glitter

    14. A pair of glowing chopsticks for your Star Wars obsessed friend who would totally ~light up~ the minute they spot these in their stocking.

    Two people holding the light-up chopsticks

    15. A zodiac-inspired ring dish if your roommate is always checking their horoscope of blaming things on astrology. They'll be able to display their jewelry and their zodiac sign proudly on their vanity.

    Jewelry dishes in various colors with different zodiac sign constellations on them

    16. A deck of cat tarot cards full of cat-tastic illustrations to help them figure out their life cat-astrophes on their spiritual journey.

    A cat laying next to a box of cat-themed Tarot cards

    17. A set of Burt's Bees lip balms so their lips will stay hydrated during the brutal winter months. Plus, it comes in four holiday-inspired flavors that'll make them feel wayyy less Grinchy since they'll have delicious lip balms to prevent cracked lips.

    A four-pack of lip balms

    18. A viral mini screaming goat figure because it's hilarious and reviewers say it's the perfect gag gift. If they are constantly complaining about work, this will add some humor to their desk or work area. It will shriek when they push the goat's platform for those moments when they're stressed and could use a laugh.

    19. A Yankee Candle car vent clip if their car usually smells like takeout, their dog, or their smelly gym bag. This will make their car smell wayyy better. Plus, now you won't have to hold your breath if you need to hitch a ride with them.

    20. A grooming brush to help reduce all the hair their beloved fur-baby leaves everywhere. It will easily remove tangles, loose fur, trapped dander, and dirt without scratching their kitty or pup.

    21. A silicone pot clip for anyone on your list who was rooting for Sebastian during that kitchen scene in The Little Mermaid. This adorable clip will hold spoons and can even keep pot covers open to release steam, making it perf for the newbie chef in your life who can use all the help they can get.

    22. A set of wine condoms because any wine-lover on your list will be thrilled to have these to protect their bottle of wine from spoiling. They're designed with a genius "shrink-to-fit technology" so they can adjust to almost any bottle opening. Plus, they're air-tight, water-tight, and reusable!

    23. 24-karat gold under-eye masks so they can look refreshed even if they pulled an all-nighter studying or stayed up all night binging their fave show. It's infused with snail mucin, five collagen peptides, and gold to help diminish puffy eyes and reduce dark circles.

    24. This silicone, heat-resistant mat if they love using a curling iron or straightener to style their hair. This will protect surfaces and furniture from heat damage. Plus, it can be wrapped around heat tools to store them safely.

    25. A handmade, hand painted sunflower brooch to add a pop of color and personality to their bags, clothing, or jackets.

    A sunflower-shaped pin on a denim jacket

    26. An Almay Shadow Squad Eyeshadow Palette for the makeup lover on your list who is always up-to-date on the latest beauty trends. It's available in a variety of shades from neutral to bold and they can mix and match colors to create their own unique look.

    The small eyeshadow case with four shades — one matte brown-red shade, two sparkly light brown shades, and one slightly shimmery red-brown shade

    27. A pair of warm and cozy boot cuffs because not only will it upgrade their look, it can also protect their legs from rubbing against their boots. Plus, it's great if they want the look of long socks without worrying about their feet sweating.

    A model wearing boots with the cuffs

    28. A dipping sauce holder if they usually eat their lunch in their car. The foodie on your list will love this genius sauce holder because it attaches to the vents so they can dip their nuggies in their fave sauce without having to perform a juggling act.

    reviewer dunking a chicken tender in a sauce packet that is attached to a sauce holder

    29. A magnetic bag holder to keep their bags off of the floor when there are no hooks around. It can hold up to 8 pounds and will allow them to dangle their bag in bathroom stalls or on tables so they won't get stained or dirty.

    The bag magnet attached to a bag hanging off of a table
    Two of the bag magnets in brown and black

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