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17 Things You'll Only Get If You, Your Mom, And Your Sisters Outnumbered The Guys In Your House

Never will you leave the toilet seat up.

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1. In your house, there are probably plenty of pads and tampons of all kinds and sizes.

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Chances are, at least one woman you live with bought them wholesale, so if you forget to stock up before that time of the month, you can always steal some from your sisters and mom and be saved. Crisis averted!

2. The toilet seat is never up.

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And when you use the bathroom in other people's houses, you don't get why they leave it up. Truth is, it's great going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and being confident that you won't trip and fall in because somebody left the lid open.

3. You're an expert at undoing impossible knots on freshly-washed bras.

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You know that this is all-too common when you live with other women. It may test your concentration and patience to no end, but you have become a master at detangling even the worst of these knots.


4. You all share clothes.


Whether you're the same size or not. When many women live together, it's understood that everything is communally owned. Granted, this can sometimes unleash a third World War at your house, but at other times it gets you out of a tight spot, especially when you went a few days too long without doing laundry.

5. And your clothing and accessories always get a second lease on life.

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A purse, a pair of shoes, a couple of earrings... You have some very cool things that your mom used to wear in the '80s, and your sister has probably already stolen something that you used to wear in the '90s.

7. Not to mention THOUSANDS of toiletries.

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Creams for dry skin, extra dry skin, oily skin, mixed skin... And each of you has at least 3 different hair products that you could borrow (read: steal) from each other whenever you wanted. It's like living in a Sephora, and it's beautiful.


8. Everyone collaborates on the household chores.


No, this isn't one of those things where everyone "helps out." Rather, everyone does her share. By this point, you're so used to it that you even have special "mopping" playlists (and you know that they work wonders!).

9. Also, you have to be a little bit of everything: cook, chauffeur, nurse, stylist...

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You cook, pick up your sister from school, help your mom get ready for her work dinner, and do just about anything else that pops up, as well!


12. You find scenes like this in the drain all the time.

But you're so used to it that you no longer find it gross. You remove the clumps of hair like it's the most normal thing in the world, even if you don't even know who the hair belongs to.

14. You probably learned about the struggles women face pretty early on.

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You lived through horrible moments like when your mom got catcalled in the street and you knew it wasn't okay, or when you overheard your sister complaining about her chauvinistic coworker :(

15. You understand that women are human beings and not fragile princesses.

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You've seen them wearing huge, ugly T-shirts that they got for free at the supermarket; you've seen them in bad moods and good moods; and you've also seen them doing "hard" work like using a drill, repairing furniture, and changing a tire.

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