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Which Disney Movie Character Made You Realise You Were LGBTQ+?

Who did you fall in love with?

We all know there's been some really hot Disney movie characters over the years...

And sure, real-life people can be attractive and all, but nothing beats the first time you saw *that* certain movie character and fell head-over-heels for them (or wanted to be them, TBH).

So tell us: what Disney movie character made you realise you realise you were LGBTQ+?

Did you want to end up with Elsa from Frozen?

Or perhaps you wanted to ride Flynn Rider from Tangled.

Maybe Maleficent's dark and powerful wrath left you questioning your sexuality.

Whoever they may be, we want to know! Tell us about the Disney movie characters that made you realise you were LGBTQ+, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!