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Celebrity Marijuana - First Bob 'Bud' Marley But Who's Next?

Sooner or later, marijuana will be legal everywhere. Slowly it's stumbling across the USA. The 'Marley Natural' blend is also on the way. So which celebrity high will be next? And how will it make you feel?

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Bud Marley - The original and the best

Jenna Grimm

The official 'Marley Natural' will be available next year. All part of a push to legalise marijuana worldwide.

Here's a pic of the genetically engineered plant - equal parts Bob and green.

Weedy Goldberg

Jenna Grimm

The price per gram for Whoopi maxed out in the 90s. Now it's as common as actual grass.

Smoking too much Whoopi Goldberg will lead you to developing opinions completely at odds with the evidence and common sense, you know, just be-Cosby.

The Best B-Grade Weed

Jenna Grimm

Can't afford the finest green?

Top of the B-Grade acting class, Bruce Campbell is not just making an Evil Dead comeback.

Bruce provides solid giggle-fits, decent anecdotes and passable paranoia at a price point we can all appreciate.

Dick Leafy

Jenna Grimm

Marijuana isn't just a young person's game and this pot has been passed legal by some of the most powerful figures in the land.

Dick Cheney's signature brand will get you so high that you'll think George W. Bush never did, said or thought anything stupid. Just like Dick does.

Kim Kar-HASH-ian

Jenna Grimm

Sure to be the most popular pot on the planet, and nobody will have any idea why.

Won't get you high, but will leave you wanting to name your children after points on a compass.

No 'ifs' around this premium product, but one very big and smouldering BUTT.

Nancy Toke-losi

Jenna Grimm

When you've had enough Dick, toke away on Nancy Pelosi.

For those who like to get stoned and talk politics while still remaining a tad sensible.

This green has also been repeatedly endorsed by President Barack Obama.

Mick 'Cannabis' Dundee

Jenna Grimm

That's not a high. THIS is a HIGH.

This amazingly potent and quality bud is freshly arrived from Australia.

Where it was travelling along fine out back,

Then met an American plant, cross-pollination happened, and it was lured to New York.

Smoke using a bucket bong and you won't crave pizza, you'll crave beer.

Vladimir Puffin

Jenna Grimm


This brand of marijuana is actually a type of weed that you certainly don't want in your garden.

It will arrive in your house without asking, claim it's not really there, and will take over by force.

Won't get you high, but will leave you with a sore head.

It likes its war like it likes its pizza. COLD and NUCLEAR.

Weedy Nelson

Jenna Grimm

This weed will get you so high that you'll live forever and forget to ever die.

Your appreciation for fine music will only increase.

However it may become difficult for anyone to understand what you're saying.

Which won't matter, as this green makes you a LIVING LEGEND.

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