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    14 Worker Struggles To Pay Attention To This Labor Day

    Sure, to some people #LaborDayIs about barbecues and fashion rules. But #LaborDayIs also about, you know, labor. Today, workers across the country are struggling for decent wages, safe workplaces, affordable healthcare, and even basic civil rights.

    North Carolina's Moral Monday

    The Wisconsin Solidarity Singers

    The fast food strikers

    Walmart associates seeking respect

    Philadelphia teachers, students, and parents

    Houston wage-earners fighting against theft

    Washington, D.C. retail workers

    Albuquerque minimum wage workers

    Concert tour dancers and choreographers

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    Last year, music video performers won a groundbreaking union contract after, establishing workplace standards for the industry after decades of advocacy.

    Now, the Dancers' Alliance and SAG-AFTRA are launching #theUNIONIZEtour to ensure that performers on concert tours have workplace protections, access to affordable health care, and a fair shot at gigs.

    Watch the video above and learn more here.

    LGBT workers in 29 states

    Transgender workers in 33 states

    Domestic workers

    Mississippi auto workers

    Finally: 11 million undocumented workers and their families

    What did we leave out?