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8 Things You Need To Know About The Shutdown

You’ll hear a lot of people saying this is a “standoff” or a simple case of two sides being unable to compromise. But it’s not politics as usual—it’s an unusual, and dangerous, hijacking of politics by a determined minority.

WorkingAmerica 6 years ago

14 Worker Struggles To Pay Attention To This Labor Day

Sure, to some people #LaborDayIs about barbecues and fashion rules. But #LaborDayIs also about, you know, labor. Today, workers across the country are struggling for decent wages, safe workplaces, affordable healthcare, and even basic civil rights.

WorkingAmerica 6 years ago

What Happened When We Found Out Yelp Joined ALEC

We found out this week that Yelp, the popular online reviewing company, has joined up with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). ALEC is the organization behind bad legislation like "Stand Your Ground" laws and the anti-immigrant policies in Arizona. Yelp customers were horrified, but then responded in really creative ways. The fight isn't over though: join us and tell Yelp to cut all ties with ALEC.

WorkingAmerica 6 years ago

16 Stories Of Wage Theft And Other Bad Boss Activities

"Wage theft" describes any situation where workers don’t receive their legally or contractually promised wages. This could be non-payment of overtime, not getting a last paycheck, or even not getting paid at all. It’s illegal. But because of weak enforcement – and often lack of collective bargaining – employers get away with it all the time. We asked Working America members for their experiences with wage theft. Here are 16 stories.

WorkingAmerica 6 years ago