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Top 10 Dynamic Duos

Throughout human history, every human has need their other half, their bro. Today, I am here to count down the best 10 duos. Let the bromance begin...

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10. Batman and Robin


Honestly, these two are cliche for my taste. First of all, Batman and Robin weren't really a duo because Robin can't really do anything and Batman is the one who gets all the credit. Secondly, though, Batman is like old enough to be Robin's dad. That is antithetical to the nature of bromanship, at least from my standpoint. This is furthered by Batman's condescending nature towards Robin, and Robin's inability to not be a brat. That all being said, how do you not put these two in the list of the top 10 duos?

9. Troy and Abed

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While this duo hasn't (yet) changed the course of human history, these bros are the definition of a duo. Whether it is their inspector space time adventures, their talk show (Troy and Abed in the Morning), or their whimsical back and forth, these two have the whole bro thing figured out. And they have bunk beds. Let me repeat that: BUNK BEDS.

7. Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison

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Before you scream at me in the comments section, watch the video. And also consider this. Montana and Rice both established connections with other guys. Aikman and Irvin were a part of the triplets, so it's unfair to say they were a great duo. What makes the Manning to Harrison combo the best in NFL history is that they relied equally on each other to achieve early success. Could one have done it without the other? Probably. But, in terms of dynamic duos, these guys are a great example.


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If this duo is not in the top ten, then you're wrong.

4. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson

Every duo has their fights, but the true test of a dynamic duo is how they respond. Once great friends and companions in the American Revolution, Adams and Jefferson soon became political enemies during the early days of the country. Yet, Jefferson served under Adams as vice president and their alliance was soon re-established. But, the real reason why they are on this list is that THEY DIED ON THE SAME DAY. 2 bros who never lived a day without each other. Adams' last words were actually "Thomas Jefferson still survives" which is ironic since Jefferson died three hours earlier. For two fathers of the nation, that is pretty cool. Oh, and want to know what makes it bromantic? The day that they died- July 4th.

3. Lucy and Ethel

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This female duo from the 50's still makes us all realize how great it is to have a best friend. Always getting into trouble, these two knew just the trick to get out of a messy situation. Whether it is this infamous chocolate scene, trying to change a tire, or singing the friendship song mid-fight, Lucy and Ethel were masters of comedy, and of course, friendship.

1. John Lennon and Paul McCartney

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The two lead singers of the Beatles were, bar none, the greatest duo of all time. For those that are culturally illiterate, the Beatles were arguably the greatest band of all time, posting statistics which are mind blowing. The Beatles have 39 records which have gone platinum, far more than anyone else. They have sold over 107 MILLION records in the US alone, which is over 10 million more than anyone else. They have 7 consecutive albums which have been #1 in the world, 5 more than anyone else. And the list goes on and on.

At the heart of this musical phenomena was Lennon and McCartney who wrote almost every Beatles song you have heard (the others written by George Harrison and Ringo Starr, also bros). They never wrote a bad song, (proven by the fact that literally every song they wrote was on a gold album, and almost 3/4ths of them were platinum.) It would be like having a doubles team of Rodger Federer and Rafael Nadal, or Scramble golf with Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods in their primes. The point is, this was the greatest musical combo ever.

More than that, these guys were bros. They spent almost every day together from 1957-1970, touring the world and becoming pioneers for the music industry. They are the paradigm for bromanship and will forever be remembered that way.

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