Brian Wiora A philosopher, a football player and a pop culture junkie walk into a vintage record shop. That's my life.
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  • The NFL’s Top 3 Underrated Free Agents

    NFL fans are excitedly awaiting the start of the highlight of the NFL offseason, the start of free agency, on March 8th. On this day, teams can start to contact superstars like Michael Bennett, Eric Decker, and Henry Melton. However, as history shows, big free agent acquisitions do not add up to wins. Instead, it is the underrated, under the radar free agents who sign relatively small contracts that make a huge difference in the season. This is the countdown of the five most underrated free agents that, like Michael Bennett last season, end up being a key factor to a team’s success.

  • Ten Songs That Will Make You Smile

    This is a list for a sunny drive home, a picnic in the park, a dip in the pool, or if you just need that extra boost to get you through a task. Here are ten songs that are guaranteed to make you smile- in no particular order.

  • 8 Great Books That Inspired Great Movies

    Stories, whether told through the big screen or on paper, are some of the most powerful tools that humanity has invented. Here, I wish to describe the best stories told in two different formats. The key to this list is that both the book and the movie have to be good, so sorry Harry Potter fans.

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