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20 Random Phrases People From Miami Love To Use

Miami is one of the best and weirdest places to grow up or live in — and we have our own language to prove it.

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1. "Getty"

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A get-together or a small party.

Example: We're having a getty at Caro A.'s house; feel free to bring Caro B. and Caro F. as long as they bring snacks. Tell Caro S. to make sure she knows she's NOT allowed to come.

2. "Chanks"

Universal Pictures / Via

A anglicization of "chancleta," or sandal. Most often used to describe a slip-on style of sandal.

Example: No, you can't wear chanks to the getty. It's going to be super classy.

3. "Random"

ABC / Via

Anything weird or unexpected. I give Miami full credit for coming up with this phrase, which now seems to enjoy more widespread use. Which is, in itself, kind of random.

Example: While getting ready for the getty, I took a Buzzfeed quiz about what my favorite dog says about my love life. Random.

4. "Rando/Randa"

SNL Studios / Paramount Studios / Via

A random person. A person who is weird or a stranger.

Example: I only met up with Chris B.'s girlfriend once at Sunset Place. She's some randa from Broward. Caro... something. I forget.

5. "Ref"


An often disparaging term for a refugee/recent arrival to the U.S. from (usually) Cuba, or from someone who with a style of dress and behavior reminiscent of a recent arrival. A "FOB." Has heavily classist and rude connotations.

Example: He's a ref. Or course he's going to wear chanks to the getty.

6. "Supposably"

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A popular, rampant mispronunciation of "supposedly."

Example: Supposably Chris B. has a crush on me, but he's never told me himself.

7. "What Do You Think of Life?"

Summit Entertainment / Via

Miami's version of "who do you think you are?"

Example: You waltz into the getty like twenty minutes early when I wasn't expecting people until like an hour from now. What do you think of life?

8. "Bro"

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Usually a term of endearment, "bro" can be used to describe anyone of any gender or sex in any situation. Unless it's your teacher or your grandmother. In which case, bro, you're in for a cocotazo.

Example: Bro, like, I know this seems super random, but. Will you marry me?

9. "Jock"

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To have a crush on someone.

Example: I'll admit it: I jock Chris B. That's why I always sit next to him in Mr. Perez's class and pretend not to notice his nasty toes whenever he wears chanks.

10. "On [Someone's] Jock"

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To try and gain someone's favor or attention through excessive brown-nosing or flirting. Somewhat vulgar.

Example: You are so on Chris B.'s jock. You were, like, all over him during the Belen formal.

11. "Dogging"


A style of dancing in which a person, usually male, dances immediately behind another person, usually female. This dance is, like. Not cute.

Example: Chris B. was dogging Caro S. at the getty, so they both got kicked out by Caro A.'s mom.

12. "Get Down" (From the Car)


An anglicization of the phrase "bajar del carro/coche." Most people will instead say "get out of the car." Not us, though. Because we're random.

Example: Are you going to get down from the car or stay inside crying?

13. "American, or Americano/a"


A gringo. It's not that we're not patriotic and don't see ourselves as American, it's just that Miami is sort of, like. Its own planet.

Example: I mean, sure, I was born in Miami, but I don't say "get out of the car" because that's cosa de Americano.

14. "Chonga"


Basically, a regional, mostly Miami-specific version of a chola. There is an element of classicism in this term, which can also refer to a style of dress and personal styling characterized by heavy eyeliner, pronounced lip liner, large hoop earrings, slick hair, and endless glamor.

Example: Caro F. wears lip liner like a chonga and I love it.

15. "Super"

Apatow Productions / Via

Very. A super cute term you can overuse at your discretion.

Example: I think your chonga lip liner is super cute.

16. "Cheese"

Bravo / Via

An anglicization (Do you see a theme here?) of "chisme," or gossip.

Example: I have cheese for you, bro. Did you hear that Chris and Caro were kicked out of the formal because he was dogging her? No, Chris B. No, not that Caro. The other Caro. No, the other other Caro.

I also heard that she has a tail, pero like I can't verify that.

17. "Eating Sh*t"

Lifetime / Via

An anglicization of the regional phrase "comer m**rda," meaning "to do nothing" or "waste time."

Example: I'm grounded, so I have no plans. I guess I'll just sit at home, eating sh*t.

18. "Casa de Yuca"

NBC / Via

Someplace far away and/or that's difficult to get to. Why would I go to a La Carreta que se queda en casa de yuca when I can go to one by my house?

Example: Why would I go to Broward for a getty? That's like, all the way in casa de yuca. Let's stick to South Miami.

19. "Heat/Heated"

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Suspicious behavior in a tense or potentially dangerous situation, or a situation that has the potential to become tense, uncomfortable, or dangerous.

Example: Bro, don't even try to talk to Chris B. today. He's grounded and angry and you're an instigator and things are going to get super heated.

20. "A Mission"

NBC / Via

Something that is trying or difficult.

Example: Trying to explain Miami slang to people is, like. A mission.

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