What Your Favorite Dog Says About Your Love Life

It’s not for nothing we call dogs our best friends.

    1. Getty Images / Koichi Kamoshida
    2. Getty Images / Oli Scarff
    3. Flickr / Jordi Font M / Via Flickr: 23389657@N02
    1. Getty Images / John Pratt
      Great Dane
    2. Getty Images / George Pickow
      Saint Bernard
    3. Getty Images / Gary Gershoff
      Golden Retriever
    1. Getty Images / Andrew Burton
      Cocker Spaniel
    2. Getty Images / Philip Cheung
    3. Getty Images / Dan Kitwood
    1. Getty Images / John Moore
      King Charles Spaniel
    2. Getty Images / Andy Kropa
      Jack Russell Terrier
    3. Getty Images / Dan Kitwood
    1. Bruce Bennett / Getty Images
      Bernese Mountain Dog
    2. Getty Images / Matt Cardy
    3. Getty Images / China Photos
      Labrador Retriever
    1. Getty Images / Koichi Kamoshida
    2. Scottish Terrier
    3. West Highland Terrier
    1. Getty Images / Dan Kitwood
      Afghan Hound
    2. Old English Sheepdog
    3. Getty Images / Desiree Navarro
      Border Collie
    1. Getty Images / Franck Prevel
      English Bulldog
    2. Getty Images / Matt Cardy
    3. Getty Images / Matt Cardy
    1. Getty Images / Matt Cardy
      Yorkshire Terrier
    2. Getty Images / Andrew H. Walker
    3. German Shepherd
    1. Rottweiler
    2. Getty Images / Matt Cardy
      Shih Tzu
    3. Getty Images / Bruno Vincent
      Miniature Schnauzer
    1. Getty Images / Laurence Griffiths
      Boston Terrier
    2. Getty Images / Jeff J Mitchell
      Siberian Husky
    3. Getty Images / Koichi Kamoshida
    1. Papillon
    2. Getty Images / Matt Cardy
    3. Getty Images / Andrew Burton
    1. Getty Images
      Shar Pei
    2. Shiba Inu
    3. Getty Images / Matt Cardy
      Basset Hound
    1. Bloodhound
    2. Getty Images / Brendon Thorne
    3. Getty Images / Matt Cardy
      Irish Setter
    1. Getty Images / John Moore
      Japanese Chin
    2. Saluki
    3. Pointer
    1. Getty Images / Oli Scarff
    2. Getty Images / China Photos
      Chow Chow
    3. Norwich Terrier
    1. Getty Images / Mark Kolbe
    2. Mixed Breed/Adopted
    3. Cat

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