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    • willj4

      Having been born & raised in Asheville, educated at UNC-Greensboro, & having lived all across this great nation… currently in Denver, Colorado,Ihave never been more homesick than after reading this piece. Cheerwine, Bojangle’s & REAL bar-b-que? This article just made me go online & bookaflight home to hit Little Pigs BBQ in Asheville, to head over to “Sliding Rock” in Brevard & to jump onto I-40 East to Greensboro to get me Yum-Yum’s, y’all. LOL
      Ishared this with several folks from North Carolina who now live out here in Denver, &, amazingly, almost all of these apply to all of us. Thanks so much for reminding me of many of the thingsILOVE about my home state.

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