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38 Signs You're From North Carolina

If you started humming "Wagon Wheel" in your head while reading the headline, then this list is for you.

1. You have very strong feelings about Duke, UNC, and NC State.

2. You know Cheerwine is not actually wine but one of the greatest carbonated beverages ever.

3. You have gotten into fights about what style of barbecue is better.

4. You know it's no fluke Asheville has been named Beer City for three consecutive years.

5. You know y'all is a perfectly grammatically correct way to refer to a group of people.

6. You know tea is always better sweetened.

7. You have a favorite NASCAR driver.

8. You'd happily live off of Bojangles' biscuits.

9. You know the proper pronunciation of Appalachian.

10. Grits and/or biscuits are staples of any good breakfast.

11. You still have beef with Ohio.

12. You know what it means to have a burger "all the way."

13. You know no holiday or big family dinner is complete without greens.

14. You're a closet "leaf looker."

15. Seeing a Florida license plate drives you into fits of rage.

16. You watched the ACC Basketball Tournament in class.

17. You had a snow day...without any snow.

18. You have an appreciation of bluegrass.

19. You've attended a pig pickin' or two.

20. You like to brag about the North Carolina music scene.

21. You have friends who have done some cow tipping.

22. The Lost Colony fascinates you.

23. So does Blackbeard.

24. You've jumped off Jockey's Ridge.

25. You have a favorite swimmin' hole.

26. You know the best time to visit the Grove Park Inn is during gingerbread house time.

27. You know the importance of preferring light blue over dark blue or vice versa.

28. There was a plastic jug of moonshine in your freezer.

29. You know the Cook Out Tray is the best deal. Ever.

30. Christmas Town, USA, is the bane of your existence.

31. You were eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts before they got all popular and trendy.

32. "Wagon Wheel" will never, ever get old.

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Whenever this song comes up, you turn the radio (or your iPod, you techies) up and sing along because it reminds you of home.

You're also territorial about it and don't appreciate non-North Carolinians loving it so much.


33. The sight of this brings you pure joy.

34. And the sight of this reduces you to tears.

35. You had no idea hockey was an actual sport until this happened.

36. Speaking of hurricanes, you've lived through one.

37. You've figured out some creative ways to get around blue laws and the lack of happy hour in the state.

38. And even when the state disappoints you, you still ardently defend it.