• WillDL

      I think mcat is right, and given how obviously hostile and indignant his audience was going to be, I think it took balls to write it. We DO overmedicalise depression - and we do it because make no mistake, depression is an industry with producers whose interests involve convincing you that hey, it’s just chemistry - and we can help you with that. Now, that’s not to say that it’s not a bonafide physical condition, but the fact remains: whatever the state of your neurochemistry - and I know all about what overactive serotonin reuptake does to your motivation, to your capacity for reason; to your worldview en masse - the only thing that’s going to make the difference between being prone to depression, and being beaten by depression, is if and how you use your own will. mcat is right - life IS terrifying and we ARE all profoundly alone; those inclined to the philosophical are likely to bump up against solipsism and nihilism sooner or later, and there’s no way to trump the futility and sense of inconsequence that comes with that. But you CAN choose how to respond to your thoughts and feelings. You CAN choose to be not the observer of your mind, but the driver. It takes a strength that the unafflicted will never understand, yes, but the onus is on YOU to make it happen. Nobody - no drugs, no counselling - can beat true depression for you, and resigning yourself to the suffering because your brain isn’t wired properly puts you right where your corporate drug peddlers want you. mcat is right, and if I had been open-minded enough to see the truth of this fifteen years ago, I might have spent a lot less time trying to die, and a lot more trying to live.

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