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21 Comics That Capture The Frustrations Of Depression

For those who have suffered, are suffering, or simply want to learn more.

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[Editor's note: This is by no means a definitive list. The comics featured here can not and do not represent everyone's experiences. But there are some things they do capture. Part of the difficulty of depression is that it is a pain that is unnameable. Sometimes, art is the best way to capture the things we do not know how to say.]

1. The dream of waking up and randomly finding the source of your depression.

Art by Megan Rose Gedris.

2. The frustrating way people talk about mental illness versus other illnesses.

Art by Susie Campbell.

3. Your relationship to your bed.

Art by Ryan Pequin.

4. Oh, the exasperating prison that is your relationship to your bed.

Art by Claire Jarvis.

5. The inexplicable loss of interest in things that once gave you so much joy.

Art by KC Green.

6. The never-ending cycle of paralysis.

Art by ?

Art by ?

7. The persistent, engulfing darkness.

8. And invisibly carrying that darkness with you everywhere you go.

Art by Kristian Nygård.

9. The inability to communicate how you actually feel.

Art by Tumblr user Elysian-Dreams.

10. Not being able to recognize yourself.

Art by Depression Comix.

11. Feeling SO OVER THIS SHIT.

Art by Megan Rose Gedris.

12. The loneliness.

Art by A Zillion Dollar Comics.

13. Having to deal with people delegitimizing your pain.

Art by Shannon Sophia.

Art by Shannon Sophia.

14. The difficulties of trying to share your feelings with family.

Art by Moose Kleenex.

15. The particular difficulties of being a student dealing with depression.

Art by Paralanalysis.

16. Knowing how you ridiculous you sound and yet...

Art by Sarah.

17. The difficulties of trying to get your friends to understand.

Art by B. Patrick.

18. The unbelievable strength it takes to ask for help.

Art by Boggle The Owl.

19. The roller coaster ride of healing.

Art by Dave Walker.

20. Celebrating the little things.

Art by Ruby.

21. And, of course, no list of comics that capture the minutae of depression would be complete without the amazing work of Hyperbole And A Half creator Allie Brosh.

Thank you for reading, now time for an internet hug.