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    • Whytewytch

      Actually, a frappe is only a frappe in certain parts of New England. In CT, it’s a shake. And how could you miss “pop” or “jimmies” or “shots”? How about getting your vodka at the “packie”? Mind, these are all sub-regional dialects, but still, if you’re going to lump all of New England together, let’s get it all. That chowder looks like a non-New Englander’s version of NE Clam Chowder. It should be a bit thinner, served in a bowl with chowder crackers and a big dollop of butter on top. And I did not realize that fluffernutters were a regional thing until I tried to explain them to my Floridian manager. Never been on a tour of B&J’s, but I have visited Yankee Candle. Don’t know the folks in #8, either, and I’ve never even been skiing, despite being raised in New England and living there until I was 27. Don’t want to go down the big hill on slippery shoes. O_O So why the HECK would I go on a ski vacation if I don’t ski? >:( I was raised to always greet people on the street—something I see less of OUTSIDE New England than inside. Never heard of the Phantom Gourmet, never shopped a Jordan’s. Mind, I haven’t lived in New England in almost 20 years. :( So, what New Englander wrote this? o_O

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