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    22 Surefire Signs That You're From New England

    Putting the rest of the country to shame since the 17th century.

    1. You call these frappes.

    Not milkshakes.

    2. You call traffic circles "rotaries."

    3. You love Tom Brady enough to forgive those unfortunate Uggs ads.

    4. You've been on a family ski vacation.

    Even if no one in your family actually knows how to ski.

    5. You can drive two hours in any direction and be in a new state.*kgy6xSXqYOdGgE8wupAUqAvFUFN-zH3VJv7vuUzuoyrfVus5zJtLDZex47Oq/welcometovermontroadsign.jpg

    Except if you're in northern Maine, I guess. But still — compared to a state like Texas, driving through all of New England is a breeze.

    6. You kneel at the altar of Dunkin' Donuts.

    7. You know at least one person whose entire house is furnished by Jordan's.

    Barry and Eliot: gods among men.

    8. Singing the Bernie and Phyl's jingle is like second nature.

    View this video on YouTube

    "Quality, comfort, and price — that's nice!"

    9. You would never say hello to a stranger walking down the street.

    Flickr: 36347533@N05

    I have somewhere to go. You have somewhere to go. There's no need for us to interact.

    10. You feel bad for people who don't know the wonder of a New England lobster roll.


    11. You've been on a school field trip to Old Sturbridge Village.

    Or Plimoth Plantation.

    12. You know that "wicked" is an adverb.

    And it's wicked annoying when people use it incorrectly.

    13. You're an aggressive driver.

    Speed limit? More like minimum speed.

    14. And you're an aggressive pedestrian.

    Basically, if you're on or near a road, you're going to be aggressive.

    15. This is you, all winter long.

    And sometimes even into the spring.

    16. New England sports are a religious experience.

    Sorry, western New England. You know it's true.

    17. This is clam chowder.

    18. You know that fluffernutters are the greatest sandwiches of all time.

    19. You've been on a tour of the Ben and Jerry's factory.

    20. This is your most trusted food critic.

    21. You're spoiled by scenery like this.!1-intro

    And this.

    And this.

    Basically, New England is the most beautiful part of the country.

    22. And finally, you'll probably want to argue with this list.

    "It's too Boston-centric." "What about X?" "I can't believe you included Y!"

    New Englanders like to argue. Go for it.

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