Why Vh1 Needs To Bring Back “Rock Of Love” Now That Bret Michaels Is Single

It’s a no-brainer.

1. For the contestants like Angelique,

15. And so many others:

21. Megan’s Mentally-Handicapped Dog

37. The fact that his final eliminations looked like this

38. How competitions always had revealing costumes

57. The “Rock of Love” theme song

58. Bret’s sense of style

59. Rodeo’s Laugh

77. The fact that the girls lived on a BUS for an entire season

78. When Brandi threw up

80. When Heather and Daisy got into a fight

81. And the spin-off shows it spawned like “Daisy of Love”

82. “Megan Wants A Millionaire”

83. “I Love Money”

84. And of course, “Charm School”

85. Three seasons of “Rock of Love” were not enough! BRING IT BACK, VH1!

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