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Why Morrissey Is The Best Member Of The Smiths

I <3 The Moz and I don't care who knows it!

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This is Morrissey.

He's the lead singer of The Smiths.

He's British, like the rest of the band.

And he's totally dreamy.

He's a romantic.

He isn't afraid to get political because...

He's highly intellectual

and spends much of his time contemplating deep things.

He loves books,


and reading books by Oscar Wilde.

He digs nature.

Like, really digs it.

And he loves his cat.

A lot.

He has great dance moves!!!

and he sometimes takes his shirt off during shows!!

He's very zen.

Sometimes he doesn't like it when you take his picture.

But he usually makes time for his fans!

He has a great sense of style.

and makes great use of accessories.

Morrissey looks cute in a sweater,

sitting down,

on vacation,

watching tv,

and he even looks cute in glasses!

He's a great friend.

I mean, look how much his band loves him!

AND he cares about animal rights!

He's basically an angel.


In closing, Morrissey... I know you're "girl afraid"

and I know these things take time


stop me if you've heard this one before

but is it really so strange if I "ask" you to take my hand in glove?

I feel like half a person without you, but I'll simply stretch out and wait.


I will love you forever!!!

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