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25 Vegan Latinx Recipes That Taste As Good As They Look

Jackfruit tamales, fish-free bacalaítos, and a non-dairy flan made with coconut milk are just a few of the creative recipes you'll find.

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Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

1. Red Chile Jackfruit Tamales

Dora's Table /

The key to this particular recipe for tamales is the Guajillo chile sauce that is made alongside it. May I humbly suggest making double the amount of sauce so you can use it on everything you have in your fridge?

2. Baja Cauliflower Tacos

Steven Seighman /

From Chef Eddie Garza comes this flavorful recipe that batters cauliflower florets in a mix of garbanzo beans and cornmeal and pairs them with mango salsa and a chipotle aquafaba mayo. Yes, please!

3. Vegan Cielito Lindo

Karla Alveriovalle /

There are so many layers to this ultimate crowd-pleasing dip! Get the recipe here.

4. Canoas de Maduros

Dominican Cooking /

Dominican Cooking's recipe for stuffed ripe plantain boats with eggplant is a lighter version of a classic recipe that uses the oven to crisp the plantains. (Make sure to sub vegan cheddar in the recipe!)

5. Vegan Bacalao a la Vizcaína

Dora's Table /

This take on the traditional version uses chickpeas, peppers, tomatoes, and potatoes for a warm and filling meal. Get the recipe here.

6. Vegan Rellenos de Papa

Karla Alveriovalle /

Just try not to drool while looking at these stuffed mashed potato balls filled with ground soy beef.

7. Tofuevos Revueltos

Vegan Mexican Food /

All you need for this vegan breakfast recipe is a block of tofu, a frying pan, and the vegetables of your choosing.

8. Vegan Arroz con Salchichas

Karla Alveriovalle /

Pick your favorite meatless sausage and get to cooking this veganized recipe for rice and sausages.

9. Vegan Chilaquiles Rojos

Dora's Table /

Everything about this recipe is worth raving about, but the almond crema and vegan queso toppings really takes the cake.

10. Vegan Bacalaítos

Karla Alveriovalle /

Before you ask, this adaptation of traditional codfish fritters uses nori, a type of seaweed, to invoke a fish-like flavor.

11. Oaxacan Mole Negro Cauliflower Enmoladas

Dora's Table /

To make this delicious dish, make sure to track down vegan dark chocolate first. Try for bars that are 70% or more — the higher the percentage, the more pure chocolate the bar will be.

12. Vegan Chicharrones de Pollo

Karla Alveriovalle /

This recipe for crispy fried "chicken" bites will please even the pickiest of eaters — I promise.

13. Vegan Ceviche

Vegan Mexican Food /

You'll use cauliflower, cucumber, tomatoes, red onions, and avocados for this take on a vegan version of ceviche.

14. Vegan Puerto Rican Sorullos

Rican Vegan /

Rican Vegan's recipe for sorullos are a type of corn fritters not super far off from hush puppies.

15. Guandules con Coco

Dominican Cooking /

When you're looking for a savory and smoky vegan meal that you can pair with rice (or another grain you have in your house), try this recipe for pigeon peas with coconut.

16. Vegan Sancocho

Rican Vegan /

Make good use of root vegetables when they're in season with this recipe for root vegetable soup.

17. Jackfruit Frita Quesadillas

Rican Vegan /

If you haven't tried cooking with jackfruit yet, you'll be amazed at how similar it is to pulled pork once it's been cooked. Try this recipe for jackfruit quesadillas to start you on your way!

18. Albondigas Soup

Vegan Mexican Food /

To make the veganized albondigas in this recipe, you'll be using oats, brown rice, pecans, and vegetables.

19. Vegan Chiles en Nogada

Dora's Table / Via

How hungry are you? These poblano peppers stuffed with lentil picadillo and topped with a walnut cream sauce and pomegranate seeds are satisfying enough for a full meal — but I wouldn't judge you if you paired this with something else as a side.

20. Jackfruit “Pernil”

Karla Alveriovalle /

This recipe for a vegan pernil adds herbs and spices to jackfruit and then slow roasts for extra flavor.

21. Pan de Coco

Dominican Cooking /

This simple recipe for coconut bread can be made gluten-free by substituting a grain-free flour of your choice.

22. Stuffed Plantain Cups with Yuca and Black Bean Chili

Rican Vegan /

This recipe for stuffed plantain cups is a major winner with a delicious chili recipe that you may end up eating on its own as well!

23. Vegan Arroz con Dulce

Karla Alveriovalle /

The veganized version of arroz con dulce uses coconut milk and non-dairy butter to make this sweet dessert.

24. Vegan Traditional Coquito

Karla Alveriovalle /

I'll be honest: this veganized edition of Puerto Rican eggnog might just be good enough to drink year-round.

25. Vegan Flan

Dora's Table /

You don't need eggs to make a delicious, non-dairy flan! Try this recipe here and let us know how it goes in the comments.

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Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed