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27 Plant Based Beauty Products You Can Buy On Amazon That Are Vegan And Cruelty Free

Everyone's favorite online retailer has a wide variety of cruelty free, organic, and vegan brands at the ready. Who's ready to shop?

ZoΓ« Burnett / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A set of all-natural body butter and polish infused with essential oils.

Flo + Theo /

Promising Review: "I try to use the body polish once a week, just to really exfoliate my skin. I love that once I rinse off the body polish, I don't have to put on any moisturizer as polish leaves my skin already moisturized. The body butter I use daily and I love it especially for the winter." β€”Mrinalini

Price: $50.00

2. Pick up these all-over eyeshadows that are gluten-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free and vegan by Au Naturalle.

Au Naturalle /

Promising Review: "I bought this natural eye palette as my go-to, everyday make up routine. I like the variety of colors/shades, the product application and how long it lasts on my eye. The brushes help me, as a novice, apply the shades in a flattering way. I can layer on shade by shade and easily blend where I need to blend. Overall, this is the best palette I have used for my natural makeup routine!" β€”Jessica

Price: $48.00

Find other Au Naturalle products on Amazon here.

3. You can find a variety of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics products on Amazon, including their raved-about lip tar.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics /

Promising Review: This stuff is great! I went all day and only had to put it on once! I looked fantastic with this on. It was easy to apply and will last a long time. I have used the lip primer with other lip products as well and it still looks fantastic and feels like you have nothing on. I was able to combine the colors to make it match my hair and car. It was fun to see how this product turned out." β€”Mandyeeking

Price: $19.00 for the test kit above

Browse their full collection (featuring full lip tar kits for $16.00) here.

4. Scrub away the stress with this grapefruit + himalayan pink salt scrub.

Hugo Naturals /

Promising Review: "I like the Hugo Naturals Salt Scrubs a lot. They really exfoliate and invigorate the skin, but they don't scratch it up. Plus they're loaded with beautiful natural oils that lock in moisture and leave your skin feeling absolutely luscious." β€”Marisol

Price: $10.39.

Find other Hugo Naturals products on Amazon here.

5. Get on the charcoal trend with this all natural, black charcoal rice mask.

Handmade Heroes /

Promising Review: " What I like is the use of the grounded organic rice for exfoliation instead of the common use of salt or sugar. Rice has been used by Asians for skincare purposes. Some uses Rice Water for facial wash, others use it as a facial mask for hydrating and brightening the skin. The essential oil in it brings on a tingling, cooling effect on your whole body after you shower. That is why I love to use it when the weather is especially hot in Singapore." β€”DIY Secrets

Price: $14.90

6. Live your most luxurious life with these organic rosewater towelettes for your face and body.


Promising Review: "Love these β€” I don't like scented things but these are really great and leave a delicate scent." β€”Abigail K.

Price: $10.00.

7. Grab this concealing mineral liquid foundation that's SPF 20.

Illuminare /

Promising Review: "This stuff is sorcery! I wanted a better Concealer/foundation. I heard good things about this and decided to give it a try. Wow. This stuff is amazing. It's full coverage, but way easier to blend than other full coverage products. I have e dry skin, but this doesn't emphasize pores. It's also does not cake. I did multiple layers on a spot and it looks great. HG status for me!" β€”Rachel Ash

Price: $23.95

Find other Illuminaire products on Amazon here.

8. Save the shower and go for a sweet-smelling, organic dry shampoo.

Promising Review: "Smells amazing! I have dark brown hair and even though I used the lavender one and not the one for dark hair it didn't leave my hair looking white which I was a bit afraid of. It blended in really nicely. I absolutely LOVE the smell of this product! It's super clean and works great!" β€”Alyson W.

Price: $16.00

9. You can browse through Beauty Without Cruelty's many shampoos, lotions, and beauty products on Amazon, like this creamy concealer pencil.

Beauty Without Cruelty /

Promising Review: "I use a cream concealer wand as basically my foundation makeup, then after applying I check for uncovered areas with this concealer pencil. This is a thick, solidly made German concealer pencil in the color Fair, which is a neutral that would blend in the makeup for anyone with a light to medium complexion. I formerly used one that has been discontinued but is still sold online, unfortunately due to its age that one is hard to sharpen & the creamy top often falls out in the sharpener; there is no such problem with this BWC pencil, which always sharpens easily. It is hard to find a concealer pencil or stick that isn't too light or noticeable, standing out as dots on your face; with this one, you just dab & smudge, and you're good to go. It's also nice to support a company that doesn't test on animals." β€”Jancal

Price: $13.50

Find other Beauty Without Cruelty products on Amazon here.

10. Volumize and separate lashes with this 2-in-1 mascara with unicorns dancing all over it.

Pacifica /

Promising Review: "I am a huge fan of this mascara. To begin with, the packaging is ah-dorable! Who doesn't love unicorns? And perfect for such a unique product. I wasn't sure how the mascara would convert from a thick short brush to a long brush, and worried that it would be just two different brushes (and I imagine that would be messy) but it wasn't the case! There is some mechanism inside the mascara brush that compresses and expands the brushes when you twist the cap - so clever! My favorite mascara ever. It's a little pricey-er than I would like for it to be, but honestly I think it's worth it. It can provide simple or dramatic coverage and various lash looks based on how many layers you use and if you use the short, long or both brush styles. The long brush is for lengthening your lashes and the short brush is for volume. Use them in that order for maximum effectiveness! Also, it's very important to me to use vegan and cruelty-free products and this product (and the entire brand) hits both those checkmarks!" β€”AV

Price: $15.50

Find other Pacifica products on Amazon here.

11. Ecco Bella's Good For You Glosses come with a built-in mirror for those times when you need help applying on the fly.

Eco Bella /
Eco Bella /

Promising Review: "Found this gloss by accident and what a happy accident that was! Love the built-in mirror, love the sheen, love love love the scent. It also doesn't have that weird lipstick/gloss chemical/metal/whatisthatnastiness taste. I layer it over my lipstick to create a softer look or just dab a bit on bare lips to get a gorgeous light look. I've been loyal to my lipstick since high school, and this product might just last as long in my must-haves." β€”R. Harris

Price: $17.96

Buy "Passion" (left) here, "Pleasure" (right) here, and find other Ecco Bella products on Amazon here.

12. Replace your makeup brushes with this cruelty-free, eco-friendly set.

Eco Tools /

Promising Review: "Beautiful set of brushes, they don't shed at all and are super soft, I initially bought the set for the bb cream blush as a dupe for the 30 dollar one I bought from bare minerals. Works just as well, only because this brush is more dense, it does tend to soak up more product. The blush brush is just beautiful and works well with any powder blush, and the fact that it's Eco tools us a plus! Haven't tried the other brushes but will update this post as soon as I do. And again you just can beat the price." β€”Tiffanie

Price: $8.74 for the kit.

See other EcoTools products on Amazon here.

13. Feel constantly refreshed with derma e's hydrating mist spray.

derma e /

Promising Review: "The derma-e hyaluronic acid hydrating products are a godsend for dry skin - especially dry winter skin! I spray it on after a morning shower and sometimes again in the evening to keep skin supple and moist. The lotion is also excellent and I apply it to my face every morning and evening. Hyaluronic acid products can be expensive, but derma-e has produced a good product at a reasonable cost." β€”Janet F.

Price: $17.89

Find other products on Amazon here.

14. This highly-pigmented organic concealer infused with Vitamin C.

Emani /
Emani /

Promising Review: "Holy crap! This concealer is SO pigmented! If you want full coverage, that's honestly the most important thing to look for. You won't be getting as full coverage as you can with something that claims to be more thick than the other stuff. Look for highly pigmented. This is by far my favorite concealer I have ever owned! I can't be without it!" β€”roflol123

Price: $31.99

Find other Emani Vegan Cosmetics products on Amazon here.

15. Pump up the volume of your lashes with these crisscross patterned, PETA-approved faux lashes.

Geordie Beauty /

Promising Review: "I love Georgie lashes so so so much. I've used lashes from many different brands however none of them are as comfortable and naturally beautiful as Georgie lashes. My favorite are the No. 7, followed by the No.5 - you can easily use these as every day lashes, but also pump on some mascara to wear it for a girls night out. The lashes last me about 2 weeks or so - definitely wish the bands were thicker and would last longer however these lashes are just the most gorgeous things i've ever seen. Highly recommend these lashes!" β€”WhiteDiamond

Price: $18.00

Find other Georgie Beauty products on Amazon here.

16. Amazon offers fifty-five different colors of Mineral Fusion's nail polish line (my absolute favorite brand).

Promising Review: "I love this nail polish! I purchased this brand of polish (in another color) from Whole Foods market, because Mineral Fusion left out some of the scary ingredients most nail polishes contain. What I didn't expect was to discover what a amazing product this is. The color is gorgeous and what staying power! Usually polish, on my fingernails, rarely stays put for more than a couple of days. With just one coat of this polish it lasted more than a week. That was with just a single coat! I received many compliments on the color. I'm very pleased (as if you couldn't already tell!)!" β€”Michael G.

Price: $7.99

Find other Mineral Fusion products on Amazon here.

17. For a moisturizing oil with an earthy vibe, go for this Nag Champa + Hemp Seed variety.

Earthly Body /

Promising Review: "If you like the smell of Nag Champa, you will LOVE this product! For those reviews that said they thought this smelled like baby powder... obviously those people aren't familiar with the smell of Nag Champa. Because of how affordable this product is, I use it for both my legs and my upper body. It looks beautiful in summer, to lightly rub this oil over freshly shaven legs, and shoulders and arms too, to show off a beautiful glow when wearing a tank top or a strapless dress. The scent seems to lasts for a 2-3 hours. I highly recommend this product, and will buy it again (and again.....). :-D " β€”Samantha

Price: $9.74

Find other Earthly Body products on Amazon here.

18. Many varieties of lip balms are available on Amazon but my personal favorite β€” plum apricot β€” is available on Amazon Prime.

Crazy Rumors /

Promising Review: "I just began using Crazy Rumors lip balms and I am completely in love with them! They work very well and are completely cruelty-free- two very important things. They may cost a bit more than other lip balms, but I find myself needing less of them than other brands and I love the refreshing a unique flavors that they offer. Try 'em out!" β€”teareader

Price: $7.51

Find other Crazy Rumors products on Amazon here.

19. Smooth your skin while you sleep with this overnight cream that boasts collagen-producing peptides, hyaluronic acid, and natural ingredients like cucumber, aloe, maqui berry, licorice root, ginkgo biloba leaf as ingredients.

eco-beauty /

Promising Review: "This product is magic in a jar. As a person with VERY sensitive acne prone skin, I apprehensive about all creams especially night creams. Originally I received a sample of this lotion in a IPSY bag. I thought why not and gave it a shot. I've gotten to the dreaded age of worrying about fine lines and the occasional breakout. I was on a mission to find the miracle lotion to keep my skin hydrated, young, and wrinkle free while not clogging my pores or making me oily. A tiny bit of this lotion went a long way and left my skin feeling hydrated and not greasy or irritated like other creams had done in the past. It made my skin feel full again and brought a luster to my skin I haven't seen since before I had to pay taxes. My fine lines have diminished and my skin feels soft and supple. Normally I can only use oil free products due to skin sensitivity but the all natural ingredients in this lotion are gentle enough to not upset my skin. The price tag may seem a little high but it's worth it's weight in gold. I have had my jar for over 5 months and I still can't see the bottom with daily use. Do yourself and your skin a favor and order a jar now." β€”J Zillinski

Price: $41.99

Find other LA Fresh Eco Beauty products on Amazon here.

20. Get started with essential oils with this organic 21 Drops essential oil starter kit filled with organic oil blends focused on relaxation.

Amazon /

Promising Review: "Great size for the price. I have only used to calm and sleep so far and like them both a lot. It is not over powering at all. I have slept a little better with using the sleep drops." β€”Lauren Kocher

Price: $29.00.

21. Pamper yourself with this ocean cleanser that may as well be straight out of an expensive spa.


Promising Review: "Absolutely the best skincare products I've ever used. You feel like you're at a 5 star spa when you use Osea products- and my skin is the best it's ever been. But the most important thing to me is that they are 100% vegan & cruelty free. Superb!" β€”May

Price: $44.00

Find other OSEA products on Amazon here.

22. Bring some color back to your eyelids with the Colorevolution natural powder starter kit.

Promising Review: "I tried Colorevolution on the recommendation of a friend, and have no intention of going back to any other brands. The makeup itself goes on silky smooth, doesn't settle in the dry or itchy areas of my skin, hasn't caused a single acne or eczema breakout, and the coverage can be adjusted to work for your needs. The eye shadows and blushes are awesome, too -- I can play at mixing, matching, and using different amounts to get a different look. It's like getting more for your money. (Which, incidentally, is already more affordable that many other mineral makeup brands). Oh, and for those that are particular about natural materials and chemicals, I found out that this company doesn't use some of the less savory ingredients that other so called 'natural' makeup lines throw into their products. Definitely my go-to makeup from now on." β€”Roxie Wilde

Price: 29.66.

Find other Colorevolution products on Amazon here.

23. Fix your dry, chapped lips with a lip balm filled with pure hemp seed oil.

Hempz /

Promising Review: "I love this product!!! I had extremely chapped/cracked lips and used different lip balm with no luck, just constantly putting it on everyday and my lips would get worse and needing more lipbalm for my dried lips. Once I brought Hempz it restored my lips greatly, made them smooth again. Not only that, but I don't have to put it on every single time since my lips don't get dry much thanks to this product. Sometimes I forget to put lip balm but I don't have to worry since this product helped my lips retain its moisture so I can use it every other day unlike other lip balms where my lips got so dry that I have to use it more than once a day." β€”AF

Price: $8.99

Find other Hempz products on Amazon here.

24. If you're the adventurous type, try this sake bomb moisturizer.

Billy Jealousy /

Promising Review: "I got a sample of this and ended up buying the bottle. It smells good and not foofy at all. Its great all over your body and while its a bit expensive you can tell when you put it on that its a great product. I mostly use on my hands and arms but you can use anywhere." β€”S. Tobin

Price: $36.00 for the sake lover

Check out the rest of the Billy Jealousy line here.

25. Grab this 3-pack of tinted lip balm in grapefruit, cinnamon, and black cherry.

Hurraw /

Promising Review: "Absolutely love these balms. Very high quality and an amazing price. They have a very nice slip to them- more like the new lip oils than waxy chapstick. the tints are pretty and very very sheer so it adds the most subtle color to the lips. The cinnamon is delicious and it doesn't sting at all, but I suppose it would tingle a lot on very chapped lips. I love the price and the 3 pack is perfect for me because I have enough to keep handy in a few places. These are a really wonderful balm that feels great on the lip!" β€”Edo33

Price: $13.94 for the set of three.

Find other Hurraw! products on Amazon here.

26. Wipe the day away with these gentle cleansing towelettes.

Acure /

Promising Review: "These wipes are fantastic. I only need to use half of one to take of my eye makeup (I don't wear foundation), and they even take off stubborn eyelash glue. That's saying something! I have been looking for gentle wipes that will remove eyelash glue easily, and these do a beautiful job." β€”Purplemoon

Price: $25.97

Find other Acure Organics products on Amazon here.

27. And finally β€” yes, everyone's favorite makeup sponge also happens to be vegan!

beautyblender /

Promising Review: "Great! Total foundation game changer. Really helps blend, & let's make up stay all day!" β€”Christa

Price: $20.00.

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