The 42 Types Of Email Forwards Your Grandparents Send You

    Sorry Nana!

    1. The "Back In My Day..." Email

    2. The "Future Is Now" Email

    3. The "Remember Our Generation Gap?" Email

    4. The "Video Games Have Ruined Everything" Email

    5. Florida Jokes

    6. The Accidentally Racist Joke Email

    7. The Not-so-accidentally Racist Email

    8. Instructions On How To Get On The "Do Not Call" List

    9. Vision Tests

    10. Dementia Tests

    11. The "You Kids And Your Cell Phones" Email

    12. The Email That Has Been Forwarded Too Many Times

    13. The "WTF, Social Security" Email

    14. The "This Email Will Brighten Your Day" Email

    15. The "Yikes, This 'Joke' Is Offensive To Many Different Types Of People" Email

    16. The "Can You Believe This Photo?" Email

    17. Jokes About Golf

    18. Jokes About Doctor's Appointments

    19. Jokes About Golf AND Doctor's Appointments

    20. Emails With Subject Lines That You Will Never, Ever Click

    21. Emails That Warn You About Other Email Forwards

    22. Forwards That Require You To Go To Another Website (With Weird Instructions)

    23. Forwards That Require You To Download An Attachment (That You Almost Never Actually Download)

    24. Emails Urging America To "Wake Up"

    25. Emails That Complain About Outsourcing

    26. Jokes About Old People

    27. Jokes About Old People And Technology

    28. Emails That Test Your Intelligence

    29. Email Forwards That Somehow Insult You

    30. Shopping Tips

    31. Relationship Advice

    32. "Men Are Like ___" Emails

    33. "God Is Like ____" Emails

    34. Emails About Your Health

    35. Emails About Your Diet

    36. Jokes In Poem Form

    37. Computer Tips

    38. Redneck Jokes

    39. Emails About Pets

    40. Emails Written Entirely In Papyrus Font

    41. Emails About How Much Your Grandparents Love The Internet

    42. Emails About How Much Your Grandparents Love Mitt Romney

    Now make sure you forward this on to 25 friends or you'll have bad luck for the next 15 years.