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    The Coaches Of "The Voice" Answer 10 Honest Questions About Each Other

    Find out who smells like wood chips and more in this edition of BuzzFeed Brews!

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    Who takes the most time to get ready?

    Adam [To Blake]: You're such a liar, is the thing!

    Whose wardrobe would you want to steal?

    Blake [To Pharrell]: I would just feel weird wearing what you're wearing.

    Who has the best hair?

    Gwen: Thank you.

    Whose red chair is the dirtiest?

    Adam: Oh, gosh! Oh my god.

    Blake: Why do you say that?

    Adam: It is so worn in. I just sink right in to it.

    Blake: You love that, though!

    Adam: I know, I love it — but it's still dirty.

    Who has the biggest entourage?

    Blake: Ooh.

    Gwen: Do I?

    Adam: It's between Gwen and Pharrell.

    Pharrell: Wait a minute, I want to know what makes you think that I have the biggest.

    Adam: You got a lot of kids, that counts.

    Blake: Kids are an entourage.

    Gwen: Are they?

    Blake: I say Pharrell just 'cause I saw it pissed him off.

    Pharrell: I'm like the quiet one, I don't say anything!

    Whose house would you want to spend Thanksgiving at?

    Adam: That's like a no-brainer because he's like a walking, comfy fireplace. You stand near him and it feels like you're having a conversation by the fire. He smells like wood chips.

    Gwen: It's lovely.

    Who would you least trust to babysit your children?

    Adam: I least trust myself because I'd lose 'em. Like, "Where'd those kids go?"

    Blake: Oh, for sure.

    If you had to be stuck in an elevator with one of the current coaches, who would you want it to be?

    Blake: The girl — surprise, surprise. Desert island, everything.

    Pharrell: But you see, [Blake's] accent! He can say anything and he gets away with it. Desert island... and it's all good!

    If you could only listen to one of the coaches' music for the rest of your life?

    Blake: Oh, it's gotta be [Pharrell] because that involves, like, everything, right? You get a variety with this guy.

    Adam: Everybody! Kumbaya.

    If you were on The Voice, who would you want as your coach?

    Gwen: Oh, wow. That's challenging.

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