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The "Party Down" Movie Is A Go, Says Megan Mullally

Are we having fun yet? At a press conference over the weekend for her new show "Breaking In," Mullally satisfied all of the curious members of the press who, like us, haven't been able to stop salivating over the idea of a "Party Down" movie since the idea was first uttered. Good news: It's actually happening.


"I will be doing the Party Down movie. John [Enbom] is writing it right now."


"It's going to be shot in late spring or early summer."


"I know all the people from my season are in it, and Jane [Lynch] might be in it -- I don't know -- and probably a lot of the recurring roles too."


"I think we're going to see Lydia's ex-husband -- Ed i think is name -- who was really racist and a misogynist," anybody else thinking what I'm thinking in regards to the casting for "Ed"?

Additionally, the movie will reportedly begin right where we left our friends at Party Down catering:

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Happy Monday.