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The 15 Most WTF Moments From Kate Upton And Snoop Dogg's Hot Pockets Commercial

It's a parody of "You Got What I Need" called "You Got What I Eat" and is probably best viewed under the influence of some sort.

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1. When Kate Upton wakes up in a dream world:

2. Acid Trip Larry King:

3. When Snoop falls down from the clouds:

4. Rap game Larry King:

5. Kate Upton "playing" the piano:

6. These eggs that look like butts:

7. Bow Wow rapping and making two Snoops appear with the point of a finger:

8. Sexy Butcher Shop dancing:

9. The idea that Snoop has his own Hot Pockets bakery:

10. That this would EVER be a topic of debate on Larry King's show:

11. Kate Upton dancing with an oversized bottle of milk:

12. When Bow Wow launches a rocket into space.

13. The giant fields of parsley and garlic:

14. The guy who is spinning on his head in the clouds:

15. Kate Upton getting freaky with herself (and her hot pocket):

Watch the whole thing here:

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