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The 16 Best Tina Fey And Amy Poehler Moments From The Golden Globes

They were truly the hostesses with the most(esses).

1. Their opening monologue:

2. Tina's moustache.

3. Amy's teeth.

4. THIS.

5. How they called out James Cameron for being a terrible person:

6. And how they called out Glenn Close for "having too much to drink":

7. How they made Daniel Day Lewis admit that he kind of looks like E.T.:

8. This.

9. How they posed during the category they were both nominated for:

10. How Tina and Amy showed up after they both lost to Lena Dunham.

11. Amy's reaction after Bill Clinton showed up:

12. The adorable way in which they insulted George Clooney

13. What's inside of their bags:

14. Tina's critique of James Franco as an Oscars host:

15. This.

16. And this.