The 25 Most Ridiculously-Named Fan Groupies

Beliebers, Hulkamaniacs, Claymates, Glamberts… more and more obsessive fans are attaching themselves to a dedicated, funnily-named group. Here are 25 celebs who have fully embraced their legion of adoring fans so much that they have addressed them as such on twitter.

1. Justin Bieber: Beliebers

2. Khloe Kardashian: Khlovers

3. Jennifer Lopez: JLOVE!RS

4. Katy Perry: Katy Cats

5. New Kids On The Block: Blockheads

6. Hulk Hogan: Hulkamaniacs

7. Adam Lambert: Glamberts

8. Clay Aiken: Claymates

or just “Mates”

9. Arsenio Hall: A-Mates

10. Lady Gaga: Little Monsters

11. Nicki Minaj: Barbies, Barbz

12. Rihanna: RihannaNavy

13. Avril Lavigne: Black Stars

14. Nicole Scherzinger: NicoleNation

15. Mariah Carey: Lambs

16. Ke$ha: Animals

17. Cody Simpson: Simpsonators, Simpsonizers

18. Big Time Rush: Rushers

19. Chris Brown: Team Breezy

20. Paramore: Parawhores

21. Wiz Khalifa: Taylors

Due to the man’s love of his favorite shoe, Chuck Taylors

22. Cheryl Cole: Soldiers

23. Slipknot: Maggots

24. Josh Groban: Grobanites

25. DJ Qualls: Garth Vaders

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