23 Jokes For Anyone Who's Obsessed With The "Succession" Theme Song

    If you can't get the Succession theme song out of your head, you are not alone.

    1. So maybe you've heard, or maybe you haven't, but the Succession theme song is the unexpected hit of 2019.

    Me when the Succession piano music starts

    2. Honestly, hearing — or just thinking about — the song gets me pumped up for the next episode.

    3. When the song hits, there's pretty much nothing else to do but jam out to it.

    4. We're all Tobey Maguire's "cool Peter Parker" dance from Spider-Man 3.

    me at 8pm central when that mf Succession theme hits 😤

    5. And we're all this dancing baby.

    when the succession theme hits

    6. Was it the "song of the summer" to some of us? You bet.

    Succession theme https://t.co/WOef9LQu8L

    7. It's the kind of soundtrack we all wish we could play on demand at any moment in our lives.

    I wish the Succession theme song played behind me when I dropped my 1st grader off in his classroom. Nobody would fuck with my kid after seeing us walk in to that. It's versatile. You can play it at a drug deal, work meeting, or to intimidate children. #SuccessionHBO

    8. When you hear the theme song, you feel like flailing around in the streets like Joaquin Phoenix in The Joker.

    Whenever that 'Succession' theme song comes on...

    9. It's basically sacrilegious to skip the Succession theme song, even if you're doing a binge-watch.

    Me starting succession late but not skipping through the theme song

    10. It makes the airport beverage cart that spun out of control even more...beautiful.

    the succession theme really adds to the drama

    11. Anyone can get down to it.

    Them: The Succession theme is cool, but you can't even dance to it Me:

    12. For example, the Always Sunny crew can dance to it.

    13. Of course Bill Hader can dance to it.

    14. And then there's this video of Kermit the Frog dancing to it that's nearly impossible to look away from.

    This video I made of Kermit dancing to the Succession theme tune is my film of the year...

    15. People have been mashing up the Succession theme with other titles, like Billy Madison...

    I put the Succession music under scenes from Billy Madison and...

    16. ...Little Women...

    Recut the Little Women trailer to match the Succession theme

    17. ...Cheers...

    18. ...and this hugely appropriate crossover with Arrested Development:

    here's an Arrested Development/Succession intro i made that absolutely no one asked for

    19. Someone even composed a cover entirely in Mario Paint:

    I remade the theme song to #Succession in #MarioPaint. @Succession_HBO @HBO @NintendoAmerica

    20. The impact of the song is hard to ignore:

    cultural impact: █    █  █  █  _ nicholas britell's the star-spangled succession theme banner

    21. It's so good you kinda want to get married to it.

    i will be walking up the aisle to the succession theme tune wbu

    22. It's the kind of earworm that could get stuck in your head for days, but you don't even mind:

    Me: Hello, FBI? I’m calling in a whistleblower complaint on myself. I can’t stop whistling the Succession theme song. FBI: Us too lmao we can’t get anything done

    23. And finally, we must give props to the composer of this masterpiece, Nicholas Britell.

    Nicholas Britell, Oscar-nominated composer of Beale Street and Moonlight, playing the Emmy-winning theme song of Succession, at Steinway LA, with his award resting on the lid. Good morning, everyone.

    We are not worthy!

    Now let's have another listen from now until eternity...

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