Sorry, Everybody Else: J-Lo And A-Rod Are The Hottest Celebrity Couple

    J-Rod is here to slay.

    Maybe you've heard about the latest celebrity couple to exist, J-Rod. (That's a combination of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, in case you didn't get it. It's okay if you didn't. It's a little trickier than, say, "Bennifer.")

    Before I go any further, let me warn you: J-Rod is ONE. HOT. COUPLE. 🔥

    Here they are last night in Miami on a date night.

    And here they are strolling through Soho in New York City with stars in their eyes.

    Have you ever seen such a well-dressed matching couple??

    They're even gorgeous when J-Lo is blinking.


    In conclusion, J-Rod is the hottest couple around and I'm sorry but there's no other competition.

    Come at me.