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    Remembering Urkel-Os, The Cereal

    Because of course Steve Urkel had his own line of cereal.

    The year was 1991 when Ralston debuted a cereal based on a popular character on "Family Matters."

    Commercials for the cereal went a little something like this:

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    The cereal was banana and strawberry flavored. It looked like this:

    The backs of boxes featured games like "Go Fish, Urkel!"

    In 1992, the cereal held a contest to win a trip to Washington DC:

    Boxes came with one of four political Urkel stickers, like this:

    and this:

    One time there were coupons for free fruit printed on the box:

    The Simpsons even made fun of it in an episode:

    So let's all do a dance for the most obscurely '90s cereal that ever was...



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