Remember When Kim Kardashian Starred In A Fall Out Boy Music Video?

    2007's "Thnks fr th Mmrs" involved Kim getting a little too close to a chimpanzee.

    The year was 2007. Kim Kardashian was best-known as Paris Hilton's best friend (if you knew her at all) and Fall Out Boy was pretttttty, pretty cool at the time.

    See: Tag body spray.

    See also: long, lingering glances.

    In said video, a big-shot chimpanzee is hired to direct the video and the guys aren't really digging his style.

    Especially because of how "hands-on" he is with Kim. Pete leaves.

    But then he comes back and Kim and Pete kiss while the evil chimp watches.

    And in the end, the chimp won Kim's affection anyway.


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