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    Rachel Lindsay On Peter: "I Never Would Have Just Chosen A Ring"

    "That's why I was 32 and still single."

    The Bachelorette's Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo appeared on Live With Kelly and Ryan, and for some reason Ryan Seacrest decided to open with some blunt viewer feedback:

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    The letter he read said, "Rachel was clearly in love with Peter. Bryan was runner-up. She chose him because he was willing to give her a ring. She should have chosen true love over a ring."

    But Rachel wasn't having any of it.

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    She continued to say that Bryan "was the one for me."

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    And she followed it up with this message for all of the haters:

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    Then Ryan Seacrest asked the question we all wanted to know the answer to: WHY didn't Rachel talk to Peter when he reached out after the show?

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    "That was a closed chapter for me. My focus was Bryan. I chose Bryan for a reason. I didn't want to reopen things. Peter had his chance! That's the back-and-forth I was talking about."

    And finally, after revealing that they're planning to marry next winter, Rachel also announced an upcoming name change:

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    Watch the full interview below:

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