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17 Questionable "TRL" Fashion Choices That'll Make You Cringe A Little

The fashion was different back then, I swear.

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1. Lil Kim's unique take on the "I ❤️ NY" tees.

2. Orlando Bloom's chain.

3. Jennifer Lopez in her large boots and fuzzy tank top.

4. Ryan Reynolds and the most horrific jeans of 2002.


5. Fergie's too-short argyle sweater situation.

6. Hilary Duff and her ~interesting~ pants.

7. Christina Aguilera's blue eyeshadow and purple hair streaks.


9. Miley Cyrus and her two belts.

11. Katie Holmes and her deep, deep neck sweater.

12. Avril Lavigne and her strappy pink pants.


13. Pink's "Fast N Loose" shirt.

14. Jake Gyllenhaal and his double v-neck and sideways cap.

15. Katy Perry and the hearts on her butt.

16. Bruce Willis and his double jacket.