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    Paris Hilton's Dog House Is Probably Nicer Than Your Own Home

    The sweet life of Paris's pups.

    It's a home with two floors.

    With a beautiful staircase.

    ...complete with a chandelier.

    And a balcony!

    Inside you'll find fine, upholstered leather chairs.

    And only the finest couches.

    There is even a bone-shaped rug.

    Only the best for Paris Hilton's dogs!

    All tenants have access to the on-site pool.

    Afraid of the dark? Don't worry, it's well-lit at night and has a giant lamp on the balcony.

    The home features an outdoor bench and lots of toys.

    A bunch of furry roommates.

    And a pretty decent view of the Hollywood Hills!

    If interested in living here please apply to Paris Hilton...

    ....and THIS COULD BE YOU!

    All GIFs via Paris Hilton's Instagram account.